Fresh Meat and New Ideals

There have been a lot of fresh arrivals on Isle of Janthir and it seems the dynamic is changing quite a bit, it really isn’t Kansas anymore. The thread on the GW2 forums about the current match up is a rather amusing view of the new arrivals, lots of whiners, entitled a*holes, and just overly serious tools. Looking at this and how it has been lately and can kind of understand the complaints that were being made by the top servers about the bandwagon effect and how much of an impact the free transfers are doing. It seems there are a lot of people just jumping ship onto the biggest and best servers and now that next week IoJ will be in Tier 1 i can see it starting with the queues and overall coverage, in a way it is a good thing that we are able to compete better but it isn’t very fun at the moment.. I hope the dreaded tier 1 curse doesn’t strike but either way I think our Aussie alliance will be sticking around.

We have also seen a few more very serious guilds entering the mix from the top servers, they have so many strategies and ideas tht we had never really heard of, we on IoJ love WvW but we are a more light hearted bunch. One of the threads that popped up on showing the seriousness of these guilds was a big list of Squad Roles for WvW. It is actually a good read into some squad dynamics and how to control the battlefield, I don’t think we have really bothered about it much yet and have just kept to out playstyle but we might have a go at it while we are having an epic Tier 1 battle royale

Hopefully after all that though we can still be the same ole IoJ in a way.. playing hard but having fun. Last night was a good night to show this, we incredibly outnumbered the enemy so the only thing to do was all get nekkid. We thought it might have lowered our stats enough that the fights would have been fun but surprisingly it changed very little (i think it scales your stats to a general standard anyway) and each fight was an overwhelming victory but it was funny anyway. Beware the powah of the nekkid zerg, the Scottish knew it and now IoJ does.

Running with the Nekkid Horde

Crushing the Infidels

PvE Door but Nekkid