Secret Sunday: Just Screwing Around

For a long time now I have had the weirdest graphical glitch that I haven’t been bothered to bug report just because it always seems to amuse me upon logging on. I forgot which dev it was that said something along the lines of non game breaking bugs being part of a games character but in a sense he is right, every one hates bugs that inhibit play but those little graphical annomolies always seem to amuse me regardless of how common. I know that an mmo will never be perfect in terms of bugs and i would always rather them focus on the real issues rather than something which annoys a few … Plus I’m bald and it looks funny.

Well it was time to finish off the Halloween quest and the first clues set me off towards London, what I didn’t realise though was that the Halloween event had ended so after spending quite some time trying to figure out the first clue to the mission (and then googling the answer) I spent another hour or so aimlessly roaming around parts of London trying to find the location and then circling the market district looking for the next part of the mission. It wasn’t all bad though as i once again I got acquainted with the gorgeous London and i had forgotten how great it is to just wander around in these main cities.

I also got to check out the new hair options at Ockham’s Razor and they have added a lot of new great styles, in fact the styles available are exactly what is missing from the guild wars character select as they have a more modern edge and appeal to them. It really is a rather well done Barber shop with some nice detail but the odd calm of somewhere a serial killer inhabits… and the fact they all look identical, just a little creepy.

I played around a while with the options looking for my new look which usually revolves around some sort of casual and sleek style and i found a few new contenders that I was happy with and settled on a longish swept back look. There still isn’t any styles that could be considered long which is a little annoying but it is a good selection nonetheless, the makeup styles on the other hand are still rather limited and mostly leaning towards outlandish or garish.

Afterwards I finally got around to exploring the final area Carpathian Fang, the frosty mountain region and I found it an oddly relaxing zone to run around. The cool tones and textures as well as the more natural look to most of the area is very grounding after dank depressive feel of the shadowy forest. It doesn’t have the small and large changes in aesthetic like some of the other zones but it does offer a rather nice calming cohesive look. It is a well designed “end game” zone in a sense as because of the feel and look I could spend a large amount of time here without it sending me insane (ORRRR!).

Transylvania is probably the best out of all the zones in terms of long term play, Solomon Island makes you depressed with its bleakness and it has Ankh, and Egypt is mostly a stark wasteland. Transylvania just offers a nice range of environments and an overarching relaxing feel…It’s da shiznik. And I can run around the many paths that intersect the area without a single mob annoying me or barring the way.. in fact I did for a few hours and saw some lovely scenic views.

2 thoughts on “Secret Sunday: Just Screwing Around

  1. What’s this with games? There *never* is a good option for long hair, so frustrating! In single-player games, you can at least wait for someone to release a mod that does it. 😉

    • I’m lucky as I really don’t like long, down the back style hair on my character.. as long as there are some more modern styles or a sleek pinned up look I’m happy but I understand the frustration.. They say it’s because of rendering issues but sometimes I don’t buy that.. if you can make cloaks or clothing swing and sway properly you can take the time for hair.

      In terms of hair though I think TSW really does have some great looking options that are quite realistic in terms of style and the general look.. AoC had the same issues with long hair options so I wouldn’t hold your breath, they even made a statement near release that they probably wouldn’t release long styles in the near future.. although there was this in some promo material *Droool*.

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