All On Board for the Bandwagon Express

I had planned on putting up a post about our guilds departure from IoJ and a little bit about the circumstances surrounding it all but alas, I was beaten to the punch. Sorry for linking to you again Jeromai, I swear I’m not stalking you or anything it just seems we have similar interest but differences in opininion which I can’t help but find  interesting and at times oddly compelling. Like the dark side alluring me into being the new Sith lord or something (sorry, I watched the star wars movies on the weekend).

Yes the drama and the hilarity of the situation which can partially be viewed on the IoJ forums. I really don’t know what to retort right now except to maybe ramble like I usually do.


We, TKG and Southern Cross have moved to the server Jade Quarry. We had been discussing things for some time within our own group and with members of the community. It is a rather funny circumstance in a way as both of our guilds are rather small compared to the other bigger guilds on the server, so much smaller in fact that we really didn’t even comprehend how our departure would be big news. TKG is a guild of only about 20 people, with SC being only a little bit larger. But there were large expectations placed upon us, larger in fact then guilds with hundreds of players like Test (reddit guild) and even TL (team legacy). At times even with our small numbers we were the guiding force on our borderlands, pushing the war effort onwards (and often times having more members in then the other guilds).

I am astounded in a way that 2 small and relatively unknown guilds at launch could be perceived to make such a huge difference in WvW. In a way it is a testemant to the fortitude and self sacrifice of some of our members. Secro from SC was the one that paid for and with the help of others, set up the website and server ventrilo. Grishnack of TKG did a lot of the original networking between certain guilds, with of course the many leaders getting involved. To say we didn’t have commitment us a little unfounded but that is besides the point now.

Unfortunately I don’t believe we ever felt obligated to the other groups and this may have been part of the downfall. We unknowingly segregated ourselves from the rest and formed our own clique, as did other groups. We played as we usually did, as our own wolf pack, with our own agendas and interests but as we were kind of behind the server communities begginings we didn’t realise we were modeling a behavior to others. It ended up creating more segregation than was intended, and a server vent that mostly went unused as everyone stayed in their own private servers.

It must have been rather lonely for a pug out there with very little communication and guidance, and that I think was the core issue of our frustration… A majority of pugs that hadn’t and weren’t learning and experienced unwilling to teach or even be involved with them. I don’t think it was an elitist attitude, just people being comfortable in their already well established patterns. Everyone is so used to a single player direction and a focus on a core group of players, the microsystem, that we completely dismissed and neglected everything outside. I don’t think we even knew how to be apart of a larger community anymore.

In the end it all seems to be coming down to a lack of server commitment and obligation which I don’t think the players or guilds should be completely faulted over. At some point it is up to the players to create a certain level of commitment but a certain foundation is needed first, mechanics and game systems that promote the building of communities and of social ties to others outside of your general collective.

I don’t believe GW2 has this. We can see the community in action creating websites, voice servers, large alliances forming together, and even player run events and such, there were definitely player/guild related issues but without that framework, those little guiding principles to form bonds outside of yourself or clique it is a lot harder to work through those issues and any other efforts will usually be constrained.

GW2 at its heart is another single player mmo, it is far too easy to achieve anything you want without forming any sort of commitment. Story, crafting, dungeons, sPvP, WvW, whatever can all be done by yourself and just through pugging.

The ease of transfers is one issue, then there’s is the global marketplace as well as GW2’s patented informal grouping mechanics but more than that there is just no reason to band together as a larger group or server as there is no reward for doing so. I don’t believe the WvW needs some sort of individualised reward but maybe at least some new content that is only available when your winning (possible with customisation attached).

It just creates a mindset of rather self interested players that need no connections and don’t want any. This is myself and the guild included as it is quite obvious now we do what is best for us first in terms of fun. We dismissed any notions of obligation but this may have actually been a bad thing in terms of building and feeling connected to a community. There were lot of expectations surrounding the comunity with some being placed on us and us placing some on others.. expectations that mostly went unspoken and unmet unfortunately.

Commitment to the server was there but with all that’s going on and everything conspiring against us it just didn’t work out and the commitment to our own group and to fun turned out to be the priority. Maybe if we had felt more obligated we may have endeavoured more in community building aspects, to teach and learn with others, building social ties, and fostering the growth of a WVW community… Maybe then the situation would have turned out better, it may still happen as I’m sure those left will keep trying but we will no longer be apart of it.

Does this mean we shouldn’t still try building larger communities and more social ties though… Hell no. There will always be issues and mechanics conspiring against us. It is also an mmo culture that is moving further away from community aspects but a change can come from players, or developers… Maybe even both and even though I am a rather introverted person at times I think I will really like it when I find it.

3 thoughts on “All On Board for the Bandwagon Express

  1. No worries, I’m enjoying your perspective too. I’m sure it makes things interesting for both our blog readers to see various takes on the same situation.

    I’m well aware that your two guilds only field wolf packs of about 15-20+ WvW regulars. But very respected regulars.

    In other peoples’ crosslinking, the news has been exaggerated to make your guilds seem huge. 🙂 My precise term was “core,” meaning Conviction Alliance as a whole being central to starting the ball rolling for IoJ server organization.

    And in case my opinion is not clear, I am of the staunch belief you guys should do what is best for your guild and your fun. I’m just playfully teasing because I stalk your blog too. 🙂

    • ” I am of the staunch belief you guys should do what is best for your guild and your fun”

      I know, and that’s what’s so irratating now… BAAAAAAhh

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