The Plot Thickens

DANGER, DANGER Will Robertson, dangerous levels of sarcasm heading our way.

Evil Geniuses, wayward fools, or upstanding citizens… You decide now because this isn’t Kansas anymore.

With the new content an extra level of gear is being brought in that is only achievable through dungeon runs and has better stats than exotics… Eeeh Gast, say it isn’t so. I really don’t understand this at all, I know Tobold recently said people are oblivious to their interests and gaming needs but running a dungeon to get gear, to run that exact same dungeon to get better gear, to run that same dungeon to get even better gear, to run that same…. You get the idea. I have never seen a more perfect example of a pointless artificial gear grind before but this is a masterpiece… Just what we apparently wanted too, so who do I thank.

As you can see I’m not impressed, I will probably have a go once or twice to see the mechanics and such but won’t be seeing any agony, from grinding or otherwise useless stats. I do find the relatively quick backflip on their manifesto rather amusing and I actually found it oh so alluring.. pls remind me next time not to accept manifestos from strangers, it tasted funny and now I’m stuck in their van which as it turns out is rather cosy once you get used to it.

It seems as though it won’t make much of a difference in WvW but wait what’s that Anet, ah yes of course

I can’t say too much just yet, but we’re doing some work related to rewards and character progression in WvW even now. It will be a little while before we’re ready to talk about more details though. Rewards, progression, and incentives for play are hot topics around the office. We all care about this stuff and once we have some more details hammered out we’ll let you all know what we’re up to.

Yep, time to jump to conclusions now and assume the worst. They could be considering gear, before the lost shores announcement I would have gone pfffft, no way, but now… I don’t know. There are actually a few decent suggestions in the thread rather than than relatively shit storm going on about ascended gear. Done properly a DAoC type rank thingy would add a nice sense of progression, as long as the ranks aren’t to important and don’t take exorbitant amounts of time that ostracizes and segregates the casual or newly introduced player base. Who knows until Arenanet deems it “Ready”. I don’t know…right now I would just be happy with a rendering fix, and maybe bigger maps with the borderlands being differentiated a little. What’s that saying, developers will develop, and players will…QQ

Well that’s it for today kiddies. The magical land of ponies, puppies, and a gear grindless endgame imagined by the sweet little golden haired Arenanet is in a serious pickle caused by the dastardly publisher demands and investor greed. Stay tuned for the next episode where this will have all blown over… Or imploded.


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