Entitled to Everything and Nothing

I know its been said before, and repeatedly but I feel a question bears repeating… Do we as gamers act far too entitled?

The latest internets happening to bring this up was the recent announcement of the Darkfall reboot being pushed back a month while the servers are still being taken down. Seriously… This is a big deal? I just find most of the replies there, around the web, and even from some bloggers entirely hypocritical And rather ironic.

Isn’t it a good thing for them to admit that there game really isn’t ready and take time to fix it rather than release a buggy mess, hell it actually shows they can learn from their past mistakes. In a game as large as an mmo were there are some many interconnecting mechanics there will be bugs, but if they deemed it important enough to fix the who are we to complain. going by the fact that the servers went down as well i would have to say they are doing work to the mainframes and server stability.. even if they aren’t they are at least redirecting people working on the running game into actually getting the product ready for us. By now we all know the rather terrible standard of working conditions in the industry and right now this rather small company has opted to extend this rather long crunch time for another month to get the product ready for us, putting things like family, fun, sleep, and the outside world aside.

For starters I find it terrible amusing that most of the people on the Darkfall site proclaiming their abandonment from playing the game will still be there come release. If your invested enough on the product to be posting on their site than your pretty much a guaranteed sale, if you weren’t invested you wouldn’t have bothers and your anonymous complaint would have ended up on massively or any one of those other big mmo news sites. I just think they’re annoyed because the freebie switch is getting turned off.

Secondly I seem to remember everyone getting their panties in a twist regarding Arenanets “when It’s ready” mantra and absolutely salivating over a release date for months, I was even a part of that. If Anet had given a production schedule it would have ended up the same as Darkfall now, pushing a release date further and further back with everyone dusting off the pitchfork. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t as either way your going to get children throwing a tantrum.

I just don’t understand why this is so prevalent in the gaming community compared to ther fields. I have never seen a backlash to a movies release with being postponed or not available for a while, the get a little hat surrounding poor adaptations but some of that is rather reasonable criticism. My husbands surgery date for his arm reconstruction keeps getting pushed back and yeh it’s frustrating but in the end we know the doctors and such making the call are doing so based on the information at hand and not with the sole purpose of pissing us off (that’s workcovers job).

One of the biggest hot topics in gamin is consumer right which is a surprising gray area in many companies and I think this adds a little bit towards gamers being more vocal. We have seen, time and time again how little rights we have in regards to ownership and digital sales have muddied the water even further. I own a cd, or a movie but now because of DRM and online activations I am only renting a service. It is a worthy cause to get up in arms about but what I see here is a great debate and discussion not just ramblings from a pre-teen. I see many getting rather heated in these discussion but that is a great thing as it is a legitimate area for conversation but thinking your entitled to this sort of voice just because a company isn’t appeasing you is entirely misguided.

I also see a lot of companies that are rather scared of alienating there playerbase and thus play it a little meek in their replies or through just ignoring the issue, like ignoring these people will make them just go away. In a way it validates the terrible commenting since there are no repercussions or even moderation, there is no incentive to act like an adult and maybe engage in a critical conversation or even more about your objective opinion.. just herp de derpp commenting. The issue too is if people’s comments are moderated than people proclaim that they are hiding the issues and sweeping it under the rug.. like they are even entitled to that bile in the first place.

Entitled to everything and always justified in their opinion seems the way of the current market but should we be.. were not the ones creating the product or financing it, in fact people seem even more relaxed on those kickstarter sites about products the have personally funded. I guess so of these companies have been treating the gaming community like either cretins or retards for some time now with some being more memorable but going by the usual standard of communication do we really deserve any better. It seems to be a uniquely gaming issue as i don’t see the same issues cropping up to this extent in other mediums or hobbies. Are we as gamers just less mature then people who enjoy other hobbies and medium… Sometimes I think so.