GW2 Killin N Skillin

I haven’t updated my skill page in a while now but my build is quite different now. Yes I have put my tanky well Necro aside for now as I have been lured by the dark side towards the killing power of conditions.

It isn’t exactly your standard trait build though and while some choices may give a wtf it is what has been working for me. I have even become quite addicted to SPvP again after a long absence. The pvp bug has just taken hold again as I feel of gotten more skilled at utilising the build as well as countering others which just makes it more fun. I can pretty much kill any build now if I play right except for certain rare builds (a guildies mesmer being one). I’m even thinking about jumping into a tournie to see how I go… With the paid ones in the near future.

I really like the necro because it can really take a beating, not as much as some but even when you have less cut and toughness death shroud is amazing for mitigating burst. In WvW a couple of us are now affectionately as Team Overextended, we plow head long into the enemy group and chase people into situations others would have shyed away from. It is a fun way to play as your always in the middle of the action and it involves utilising skills properly and paying attention to your surroundings… Plus Sooooo many bags, my kill count is up to ,miniscule compared to a guildy over 9000 (Yan Weng is actually over 10k now) but it is considerably considering I have a job and play other games.

The build I’ve been playing around with in WvW is , its a complete mixed bag but it just works for me. 10/20/10/10/20

Retaliation is there since Death Shroud is pretty much a punching bag and why not make then hurt a little for hitting it. Twenty points in …. May not have been needed but depending on the circumstances I may want to throw wells around. and i usually run around with both spectral armor and spectral walk so the cooldown is appreciated. next major traits are bigger marks which are awesome for sieging and life transfer healing others which actually helps out a lot when running with a group.

There are a couple things I usually play around with depending on the circumstances. Spectral walk combined with flesh wurm for running in sniping large forces and getting out intact. Sometimes I run around with the wells but honestly this is getting less and less these days as people know to move out of them now, it took a while since the visual isn’t as flashy as flaming meteors but the learning is now there. The Poison cloud does some decent damage to group through prolonged weakness and poison and I don’t have to waste a trait to aim it.

I’m still playing around with my gearing quite a bit, what I have right now is the prec/cond temple gear and a few WvW pieces… A berserkers amulet is in their too. Far from optimal right now although I’m thinking about getting some Carrion gear crafted on the weekend as I really don’t see the point in having all that crit anymore, going by that previous link I put up it’s just not worth it as the extra bleeds really don’t help much. I just see a lot more damage from more power and i think thats where I’ll stay, somewhere between Carrion and the tanky power/tough/vit. I still have no idea on what runes I want though.. any suggestions would be good…yep no idea.

The SPvP build is a little similar to the WvW one with a couple of exceptions.

So far there are a few things I’m thinking of changing around is maybe taking 10 points out of Spite as I really don’t stay in Death shroud enough to benefit from life blast granting might, the cooldown on the staff skills seem tempting. The retaliation can stay though as it is kinda my own counter to the Hundred Blades warriors and Heartseeker thieves that seem rather plentiful. The other thing is I don’t know if the Spectral Attunment trait as it really doesn’t give as much life force as I thoguht it was going to give and the improvement on the skill times is really not that great considering, maybe going for trait IV for enfeebling blood as I seem to switch in and out of DS a lot. I should have a video incoming soon of it in action.

Time for the Rant

I had an amazing time doing some structured on the weekend and hit up a few tournies with the guild. We won every single one of our first matches, even against teams with much higher rank then us but unfortunately we never won any in round 2.. in fact we usually got smashed. We seem to play really well in the forest of Nifel map, with a decent strategy and how to co ordinate well to win but once we get into Foefire it all falls apart. We are trying to work out the right strategy for the map but unfortunately sometimes I think it comes down to the group composition which is kind of sad.

we make our group from who wants to play in our guild rather than the perfect make up and right now their seems to be a very dominate composition. Guardians and thieves, then a mesmer or warrior and it is often rather hard to counter that with what we had (Necro, Mesmer, Engi, Thief, Ranger). The guardians put out some impressive damage with good survivability and have a range of condition removal ><, then you have usually 2 thieves bouncing around between points that completely negate bunker builds with their high burst. I know we are not the most experienced of groups but it should be possible to have a diverse composition of classes and still be able to compete or counter the others on some level.

It is times like these that you know Arenanet definitely has some work to do in balancing, it is a hard ask for mmo’s usually and GW2 is no exception with it’s variety of weapons and the with the way traits tie into it all. A recent Extra Credits video focused on Counter Play in games and this is where Anet need to learn some lessons, their just doesnt seem to be enough counters out there to certain builds, with I think high burst damage appearing to be beat any other thing… who pulls the trigger first in a way and that seems off for an mmo.In my opinion Retaliation should be a percentage based damage redirect rather then what it is now, it would make people think twice in a way before just spamming high damage abilities. Also if that change happens classes need more boon removal skills to compensate, not big skills like Corrupt boon or Arcane thievery but more attacks that take a couple away here and there. I would like to see more classes being able to block and have it more readily available as well, block is a great skill as it is reactive and requires timing rather than just passive mitigation.

Right now the ratio between damage and health seems a little of and this may need changing before we can attempt to balance, the fact there are skills out there that in one hit can take away from 5k to 10k which is a large chunk of anyone’s health pool just seems wrong. Fights shouldn’t be so short as it is rather unsatisfying for players and if it eventually turns into an Esport, the audience as well. People want tactical decisions playing out in combat and to feel a fight progressing rather just short defined burst of action. League of Legends seems to be the go to game when talking about mmo competitive combat, but it really does seem to be the best out there, if you watch the fights it is a wonderful dance in action of timing skills, counter play, and of strategy formed during battle.

I hope GW2 does figure out it’s balancing as with the way it is designed, the very visual combat and limited skill deck seems perfect for an Esport as it hides some depth in combat and knowledge as well as being easily understandable for the viewer. Time shall tell. Anyway Video of the build in action incoming, I forgot to record our foray into tournies but it was a rather decent pug match up anyway.


*Also I can’t be bothered editing and correcting this post for spelling and grammar errors, due to it not saving a previous version I have been staring at this for way too long and am very much over it.*