Nerdy Bookahs are all around

Being of the female demographic and a bit of a hardcore gamer can be a bit weird in the outside world. Not talking about sexism in games and the media so please no death threats, just a fact that as a whole gaming is very rarely a hobby for girls. Guys obviously have a hard time too since the mainstream is still very sceptical of it being anything but the domain of children, just a fact though that the scepticism placed on girls is far greater from outside the community. Hell it can be weird in the gaming community sometimes, but at least that shared form of communication is still there.

With the general populus talk about any of the new AAA games and you get glazed eyes, bring up a new indie game and your colleagues will probably go for a straight jacket. Talk about angry birds though and everyone understands (although they don’t like being told that is like the 100th or so iteration of that mechanic). The casual games market has exploded but anything else is still mostly relegated with disdain or abject unimportance. But with this explosion the outlook is getting better, although some critize casual games they do a great job introducing people to gaming in general and even convert a few… Boys and girls alike. It feels like it is all starting to change and you know what… Your colleagues just like you are probably nerdier than they put on. It is a stigma that is unlikely to dissapate soon but in my opinion it seems it is a stigma that is partially self imposed now.

Working in childcare with a  predominately female workforce it can feel a liitle like the ugly duckling who is never understood or included… Well screw you all I say, I’m a Mother F**kin swan. I was discussing my plans for the weekend of pixelated combat for the first time with a work friend and she sheepishly said she was going to Games Workshop with her boyfriend, after a little more prodding she admitted she loved it and was building a great big Wh40k Orc army..  A pink Orc Waaagh and let me tell you it is amazing and even has me wanting to dust off the Tau and Elder on my shelf.

Later on it turns out another plays wow off and on.. and one more was big into Runescape for quite a while.

It is wonderful to be able to talk about something your enthusiastic about and share you passion with friends and like minded people. People will also enjoy sharing with you too, it isn’t only fun but great for building new friendships and a closer work environment. Most of the girls now know when asking what I did for the weekend, that it is probably going to involve a laptop.
It is always going to be hard coming out of the computer room (metaphorically and physically) and sharing your passion for the first time with someone as you never can predict the reaction but you never know. Even if they don’t fully understand it still talk about it as it is your passion you want to convey. Also the more we talk about it the more it becomes accepted  and the more the stigma from others and yourself will fade.

Call me a nerdy bookah for not introducing my hobby earlier,and remember they may even be nerdier than you… I mean seriously… Warhammer 40k  =p


2 thoughts on “Nerdy Bookahs are all around

    • YAH for 40k.

      definitely thinking about starting but I don’t know where I’d get the time. Used to have a really mobile 300point Eldar army; tanks, jetbikes, swooping hawks, as well as a few pieces of undead and Tau but over the years and many move it’s been lost which is a shame

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