Project Zomboid on Greenlight

A while ago now a great little zombie survival called Project Zomboid poked it’s head into the lush pastures of steams greenlight service in search for more warm blooded people (and maybe even animals) to feast on and it got approved. Yaaaay

It is a fantastic top down isometric survival game with interesting mechanics such as bodily needs and emotions to contest with as well as a rather good building system. It is ultimately a game about trying to survive, which in the end is rather futile. The odds are stacked against you in every possible way but because of this every action feels purposefully and offers a very engaging experience.

I have written about it before, including a sort of diary of the damned pieces (part 1, Part 2) which may have gone longer except for the fact I must have broken every bone in my characters body, couldn’t move around much for days and promptly starved… Not much of a story there but it was fun to play with trying to get out of a downward spiral to death.

I still pick it up from time to time to have a whirl when the mood strikes and what surprises me everytime is that they are improving the product at a dramatic pace. Just the other week their new blogpost outlined their development of a truly massive map which although a work in progress is looking great. They are also supporting the modders well and there is a decent community in the making with some amazing options to pick from (Cannabalism anyone).

Well check it out, it is still in a kind of alpha project but under the wing of Valve I think the end experience could be absolutely amazing… It’s decent as is and has a few AAA beat in terms of time played.