State of the PvP game: GW2

Arenanet had a little Q&A with some key members of the top teams today regarding many different things about the state of SPvP and a roadmap for the future. johnathon Sharp really does a fantastic job of these and I like how he really has very defined views about what he likes and what is appropriate and answers things in a straightforward manner, many people won’t like things that he says but it is more important to know the actual direction the game and balance is heading then getting some PR answers that leave you guessing.


Key points

  • Bunker builds still a hot topic
  • The new spawn timers and the pros and cons of it being
  • Some saying it takes to long to regroup with the new timers and other saying it promotes more group orientated play in order to keep all your team up, also no more suiciding points based on wave timers and being able to get back really quickly. Also the new timer appears better and easier to control and work with for casuals and new players.
  • Unbalanced downed states.. The Ele was a major sore point
  • Arenanets balancing philosophy played a big part in the discussion throughout the talk
  • One part that was interesting was the LtP aspect, but it was very well argued. Right now before major balancing can be enacted we need to let the community as a whole learn how to play their classes effectively as well as the many counters for other classes, builds, and skills. It is also about fostering the community aspects so that new players can garner more knowledge and can get to such a point of better play through guides, vids and streaming without being constantly stomped.
  • There priority at the moment are ratings and matchmaking system which should be coming soo, maybe in the new year. It was very good to hear that as right now it has to be the worst part about tournaments.  Also they do not intend to separate solo queue people from group but that it should work out with the new system as rankings for teams will be an aggregate score

The current PvP development List

  • matchmaking,
  • custom arenas,
  • leaderboards,
  • spectator mode,
  • daily montly tournies,
  • 1v1 dueling (not as much a priority),
  • stats and scoring system

big balance patch dec 14, more big changes in jan,feb

One thing I noticed about this Q&A was that these people are very self invovled and looking out for there own interests in certain ways. One of them even went so far as the developers should only be looking to them for information regarding balance and what needs changing… funnily enough even in this small group of playeres certain topics were very contended so there really is no consensus on what is best amongst them. Right now though Arenanet is looking to provide balance for both the Elite and casual alike which is a very good thing