Commanding Communication

It is rather amusing that the most viewed article of all time in this site was a quick link to a list of TSW chat commands, every week there are a few people in search of some clarification regarding this rather complex but wonderous part of TSW.

After seeing the list and using a few points I came to the conclusion that every game should be frontloaded like this. The majority of the user base probably would only use a few points of that but it still makes things far more accessible. Also some off these are just so amazing that I really need them again, to hold them and fondly remember a system done right.

Now there were a few issues with the whole chat box thing, major issues at times for a prolongued occasion but don’t let that detract from a major part that Funcom hot right.
Here’s a list of my favourite bits.

1. Extensive Emotes

Seriously, It’s just an amazing list of which I think I would have only used about a third. I love using empted as the can often elicit a chuckle when used at the right time, plus its good to have a large collection so during those boring waiting tomes your not using or seeing the same boring /dance.

It is of great benefit to the RP crowd as there is pretty much an emote to suit any occaision as the animations can range from the frantic to the extremely quick or subtle. Also, the use of these tends to make screenshots a little more interesting and while are usually stock standard as I have no idea how to use these with the UI turned off. I’m sure some else can figure it out and produce more beautifully atmospheric shots like dead end thrills.

So regardless if your a small production or a large gaming conglomerate I want at least one person whose soul job is to make emotes.

2. Alias Commands

This work for just about everything in the chat command list including the gear manager system. It lets you make a quicker typed alias name to use in place any other command, you can still use the original as well. Firstly wow, that this can be linked up to chat commands in the first place but also double wow that It allows people to customise the commands based on what is familiar to the them be it based on language or maybe a familiarity with commands from a different game.

Having this just makes the system far more adaptable to the players diverse needs and backgrounds

3. Scripts

Outside of the game you can write rather simplistic scipts (templates available as well) which include long message which can then be accessed in game through a quick command. These could be important messages you would like to use, guild recruitment spam, Boss fight rundowns, RP notes and so on and so on. Now this seems trivial and it probably is but I thoguht it was awesome all the same.

4. Custom channels

One of the Modern day conveniences that I know wish to see in every other mmo, these are so unbelievably useful that I am surprised the bigger games do not include something like this as it really improves quality of life. Imagine if we had such a thing in GW2 right now, you could have a separate Lf fractal channel or dungeon, or maybe a channel for connecting with those in structured PvP, an Area boss channel for the pve’ers and all this would be readily accessible anywhere you go during your play instead of being stuck in one place spamming map chat.

It comes with all the options you would ever need including the ability to control who can use the channel throguh the ability to ban and kick as well as password protection… ANNND the TSW version is cross server. It allows people to form far better channels of communications with those around and enables the user to better tailor their personal experience to their needs.

5.Extensive command list

Absolutely anything you could think of has been placed under the hood, accessible to those who deign to learn the commands. the level of customisation here is great but also how it gives more options to people about how they want to use the ui and game options.

Now it isn’t a perfect system and I am sure there are options here that some would like to see as well but from what I experienced it was a pretty decent system is just a brings a massive quality of life improvement. Unfortunately though stuff like this is mostly seen as a waste of time by developers as it isn’t really content but still, all these little fluff things like this, housing, and non essential systems have been ignored for too long and they make for a much more enjoyable experience.