Nom Nom News – Star Trek



Must contain unusually high levels of nerdgasm for a few moments of posting.

I pretty much grew up on a lot of Star trek as my mum and dad were really quite into it.. especially my mum. Many hours were spent watching whatever star Trek episode was on TV and there was even a time where they were renting every single cassette from the start of the original series to the end of Next Generation. Now I can’t say I am a complete Star Trek nerd as I haven’t watched them excessively, I don’t own any DVDs, and I can’t give you a show by show synopsis or anything like that but nevertheless it was a big part of growing up. My favourite series has to be voyager for some reason as it was the first series where I was old enough to follow along properly and engage my parent in conversation regarding moral conundrums and stuff like that.

I also loved the latest Star Trek movie that was released a few years ago, it was a great story, amazing action sequences and what I thought was a very nice modern adaptation of the series.. it really captured the feel well without the modern techniques taking over ( and of course without resorting to hilariously bad costumes and set pieces). And now we have a new movie to fawn over for a little while. I am really excited for it but the funny thing is though that I had never seen many of the movies which is a shame and this may have reinvigorated my interest… maybe over the holidays i can have a Star Trek movie marathon, that is if my hubby can stomach so much of it.

Well, Live long and Prosper