Back to the Blogging Future

Well the end of the year and maybe the world is fast approaching and surprisingly I am still rambling away on the blog. Usually these writing urges only last a month at most, I have a box full of empty diaries somewhere from when I was one if those self diagnosed “depressed” teenage types. Then there are the many lengthy replies and such on varying game forums. But this has been different, I want to keep writing, I am addicted in a way to putting all my thoughts onto electronic paper and showing them to the masses.. Some good, some bad, others I am terrible sorry for (send me any therapy bills), and a rare few that I are particularly interesting tidbits I managed to summon from the depths of my crazy subconscious mind, quite the accomplishment considering the state of it recently.

And tis the season for recaps so here’s a list of those were I like the sound of my own voice and/or had fun writing

It kind of amazes how much my little rambles have evolved from inconsistent dribble to something at least half resembling human thought but I am still at a loss on where to go in the future. The dream of course like many is to be able to sit on my booty and play games for a living, maybe occasional writing about them to support this lifestyle but I am no where near naive enough to think that’s an option for the foreseeable future. I am a noob to the industry in so many ways so much of it is lost on me. At the moment that comes down to me not really knowing what to write, how to write it, and how much to write about it.

There are so many options lately about what to write and how to structure that I sometimes get lost in my own train of thought. I read a fair few blogs now, not as many as some but a sizeable collection that cuts across the gaming industry as well as other random interesting things. I admire them all in their own particular way as they have a defined personal style. I am just now developing mine but towards which path I don’t know. Right now my blog is a collection of story romps, personal tidbits, philosophical rambles, exploration of game mechanics, news blurbs, character leveling/skill development, and even full game reviews which makes it look more like Frankenstein’s monster compared to the vision of others who usually only focus on a couple things above all else.

Do I keep going with my light and fluffy style with the occasional ramble about game mechanics, or do I take the next and try to develop a more academic style befitting my psych degree and actually research certain subjects appropriately. I envy sites like Nightmare Mode and even the Borderhouse who delve deeper down the rabbit hole of gaming than I ever thought possible to explore its rich tapestry. Hmm, actually I think well defined discourse sounds like to much work.

Onwards to the future