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First off New Interview with the WvW Anet Devs Habib Loew, and Matt Witter… the WvW new starts around 13mins which is about the servers/ drama and stuff and 22:16 for dev talk

Cliff notes:

  • 26:00 No new maps in the foreseeable future as they are focusing on the mechanics first and there are many more important things on the agenda first.. A lot of effort goes into them creating a map that is balanced and detailed and there isn’t enough man power to create them right now
  • 30:20 Culling is being worked on.. they talk about the the three issues involved which is outgoing bandwith (anet servers), incoming bandwith (your network), and client performance (your beast rig). From what I can tell as well they have purposeful set a limit to culling to avoid hindering lower end machines and people with shitty net, now the interesting point is that they talk about ongoing work into this but this kind of implies the issues are on there end since there is no way they can fix the other 2 points. There was a rumor going around on release that anet/NCsoft had purchased rather sub standard server mainframes (or something technical like that) in order to cut costs  which would certainly explain the enforced limitations they have set up, either that or they were just completely incompetent in setting up the system ready for the amount of players that are involved in it.
  • 33:44 1 week cycles for matches will continue
  • 34:50 We have talked about population issues but don’t design for it
  • 35:37 Paid transfers at some point in the future, but transfers are not that big of an issue.. and all i have to say is really? Playing the game you can see a very visible bandwagon effect of many people transferring to the winning server, for instance the population on SoS right now as the lead is just massive and has grown since they started their rise to the top as people want to be on a winning server. Also I think they are underestimating the effect that dedicated WvW guilds, large or small can have on a servers competitiveness and overall morale.
  • 37:45 Discussion on breakout events which were primarily designed to counter spawn camping, although I have to say if they have the number to spawn camp then the breakout event isn’t going to help. Honestly I would have preferred a better outmanned buff but it is a decent system as it is still up to the players to take the tower. Right now I think it is unbalanced about where siege gets placed depending on the tower, the south west camp gets a lot of siege dumped very close to the walls which although can’t be destroyed is often very hard to be manned.
  • 40:15 Progression/rewards in Feb patch with nothing else planned until then so I guess get comfortable or maybe try out some Darkfall untill then, that is if they can get the game stable enough.. hmm maybe PS2
  • 46:00 Live scoring no time soon (via website) which I have to say is a shame, relying on third party websites to do your dirty work is just poor planning
  • 49:00 No UI changes (raid tools etc.) as it seems against the “design” apprroach.. wanted to make it feel more casual friendly.. BOOOOOOO.. HIISSSSSSS
  • No changes to commander system, they would love to iterate on it but the February patch is priority… maybe in the future. Right now the commander icon is relatively pointless except for the mindless masses who don’t know how to read chat. It needs to display more than it does, if you don’t want it blocking the players screen then it should be a hidden menu that can pop up… at the very least it should be showing players on the map who are attached to your squad.

You can participate in the discussion about the video here

Forum Goers

Another Issue that seems quite prominant on the Forums right now is that of the downed state

This is a hotly debated subject so mind your fingers and toes if you decide to venture into the forum. Now I actually like the downed mechanic as it gives people a second chance as well as encouraging some different styles of play in order to finish off players (I also like using downed opponents as a sort of condition Bomb) but Right now it does seem a little flawed for a pvp environment that there is limitless resurrections as long as you have a critical mass of players in your zerg. I really don’t like it as it favours larger groups more and encourages lazy play as there is no point in them being mindful of their surrounding or playing defensively, most of the large SoS zergs we have come up against are predominately glass canon chars and even though we can smash many more then our numbers down it won’t matter to them, they can get up after and even during the fight.

My idea would be that after being stomped or finished you are not able to be ressed if there are enemies nearbye.. it has been said the character should be out of combat but that is remarkably easy to do and I would prefer a promity based function surrounding it.

And some other fixes people have come up with… that is apart from scrapping the system all together

  • Reduce the rate people are able to res finished players
  • change rally mechanic (1 killed 1 ressed)
  • you can’t ress killed ppls during the fight
  • remove this from rally mechanic “… or gaining enough experience via kills.” Rally is the process of removing oneself from a downed state. You can rally by killing foes using your pet or downed skills or gaining enough experience via kills
  • add this “you can’t pass through the door/portal when you are downed”
  • dont remove conditions in down state (necromancer dream, from what i know you dont remove all boons e.g. Might/Retaliation/Swiftness/Protection/Quickness, change Bandage for example “Restores health while you channel it, remove 1-2 condi every 3-5 sec)
  • When you have been downed (TWO) times within one minute you will be automatically defeated without the chance to fight back.
  • Reduce the Heath of Downed Players

Drama YAY!

check out the IoJ forums for more goodies

And some more Christmas cheer.. DAMN you SoS, we were so close.


3 thoughts on “News In GW2 Wuv Wuv

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  2. Followed the link from biobreak here and really enjoy reading your thoughts! I truly wonder what Feb brings, and pretty much agree with all your thoughts. On the WvW map thing, I really want persistence so would hate to see actual map rotation. But busting out the borders so there is some extra running around room would be nice. Still, like you pointed out, the smaller maps mean constant battle. Basically slightly larger maps and maybe 3 different borderland maps would be all I could ask as far as WvW improvements go (well also some logistical stuff like you have pointed out!).

    • Thanks for the compliment

      I am very eager to see the Feb update as well, I don’t believe it will have anything to drastic but even a basic progression system would be very welcome.

      I understand what your saying about persistence, to much change is sometimes a bad things. Here you want strategies to evolve, counters to be discovered and a meta to develop and with a constantly changing playing field that probably wouldn’t happen as quickly. It was even probably the right call to limit it on release and give people time but now feels right to change the borderlands a little.

      Making the maps a bit larger I think is necessary though, although me saying that is probably more about my own biases which come from my early beginnings in open world pvp.

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