Guild Wars Wish List: Issue 5

Ok so even after all my complaining and recent post describing my morose state I still love GW2… A lot. The foundation of a great game is hiding just underneath and only needs a few things fixed and added to reveal its sweet nougaty core. Now these things would obviously take some time to implement and Anet is quite obviously working on their own agenda but here is my New years wish list for additions to GW2 regardless.. starting with numero cinco.

Character Appearance Options: Bigger, Better, Stronger, Faster

One of the major draws of Guild Wars 2 was the focus on our characters appearance, it was the new end game design philosophy focusing on customisation options instead of tiered progression which piqued my interests. I imagined a plethora of options for explorers, player killers, and dungeon runners that would make for a range of outfits that suit every player and every mood. Sadly though this is not yet the case and the options are rather limited. Many of the dungeon armors are rather obnoxious and silly looking, a few more that look like either something for a street walker or Carniv’al Dancer leaving only a couple actual choices which require an insane amount of work to get in most cases as each individual piece requires numerous runs.

Now there are many worthy choices on the karma vendors that litter the world which really is a nice touch but these are rather few. There just needs to be more choice.. More through crafting even if they offer the same stat combinations but just giving new different skins, achievement based outfits, spvp and wvw outfits. I want to see more available diversity and extreme approaches that right now seem only apparent on weapon skins, weapons are a very small part of a look so the focus on that seems odd. What I really want is more great choices out there that are well made with maybe some different design approaches, not just epic legendary outfits (although that may be good) but simplistic pieces that take elements from different cultures and different eras. Have middle eastern garb, Asian inspired outfits, even sci-fi esque pieces.. just more and not so sparse on using material… to much is bad too.

Now for this to work out though the whole Town clothes and transmutations systems just needs to get completely scrapped, the code burnt, and the ashes scattered on the worlds great currents. Seriously whoever thought this system was a good idea needs a big swift kick to their nether regions. It’s horrible, it’s needlessly complicated, it hinders character choice as you can only really make one look at the start with your limited exotic gear, lord knows what you do if you want to swap out a look with the same gear as you lose your previous skins. And it is quite obviously a time sink with the intent of making people buy gems.. It is utter shite. BEGONE foul beast.

Easy fix though, just maybe implement a wardrobe system like I don’t know…. most good games that offer diverse character customisation options. People like to customise their characters, it is our way of forming a bond with them, a tool of personal transference or a way to role play and interfering with that is stopping people from becoming invested in their character and with the game world. And that is rather harmful to a commitment and retention. Hell I would gladly pay money, Yes cash money Anet for a wardrobe system, more gems for more slots and I am guessing right now that they would make far more money off this system than what they have now.

Another thing I would like to see is for Anet to revert their change on Dyes and have them once again Account bound instead of character bound. It was a silly petty change they made, they were touting this amazing tool of customisation, a collection of colour that you could take with you where ever you are and adding a lot more options to your customisation. And then they took it away for some unknown reason. It couldn’t have been economy base as even by then the economy never looked like it was going to function properly.. so all that leaves is is more cash shop purchases as a reason.


I left a response on the forums many moons ago now summing up my feelings about the dye situation and there has been no change since then, no communication about why the change happened or what the future holds, just a shrug of the shoulder. It is just supremely frustrating that I have a decent collection on my main (which would probably have been a lot bigger without this change) and I am unable to use it on my other alts and I am sure I’m not the only one who feels a little annoyed by this.

Hmm I think that’s all for this episode of Wasting time with J3w3l, so stay tuned for your next episode. Same bat time, same bat channel….. oh and one more thing, please add some better Human Female face options, I am really not a fan of the plastic doll approach

3 thoughts on “Guild Wars Wish List: Issue 5

  1. I hear you about the need for a wardrobe. I think they could make more money off a wardrobe system and that would have people playing more. I also play Lotro, which gives you 2 free wardrobe slots but then you can buy at least 4 more. You can also toggle off more than helms/shoulders.. you can toggle off everything. The cosmetic system is one thing that really irks me about GW2. I hate looking worse when I put on my Magic Find gear (though I’d rather that stat on armour be gotten rid of as well). I’d love to have more outfit choices, but there is no way in hell I’m going to transmute over my TA armour. GW2 is supposed to be all about looks, yet they put you off ever going after something new as you don’t want to lose your previous look. They need wardrobe slots in which you can display different outfits, put more to earn in the game and have even more in the store. Keep the transmuting at least for weapons though! That’s one thing Lotro doesn’t do: cosmetic weapons.. and it sucks running around with ugly stuff. 😛

    • Exactly, Gw2 was supposed to be about looks, that was one of the theoretical end games and the system right now really is a great hindrance to it.

      Yeh Lotro has a great but easy to use system and it was what I was referencing when I said “good games” well that and Rift anyway. I really don’t see why a wardrobe system couldn’t also extend to weapons.

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