Guild Wars Wish List: Issue 2

This one includes the part of Guild wars I consider to be the least worked on, the part that is missing basic features, the part that has been badly implemented, and has been mostly forgotten about in regards to updates. I know that is a huge statement right there but it is true to me. Funnily enough it is the part that has some of the most potential and could be destined for greater things but just needs a little love. And the wish here is….

An SPvP Matchmaking System

This is not the only issue for SPvP but it is definitely the main one that needs urgent attention, they had a rather healthy population during release that is slowly becoming less and less. They have squandered the critical mass of players they original had and who seemed very interested, they even had a decent competitive folowing and now it’s gone it will be harder to gain it back but not impossible. I honestly can’t believe Anet shipped this and expected the foundations of a community and competitive groups to form as it has done the complete opposite, this isn’t the end of course and I believe if Anet start focusing more and more on this forgotten part they may be able to lure people back as they really do have a fun experience here.

With the tournament system implementation it really doesn’t do a very good job at all of matching up like minded and skilled individuals and teams which leaves a lot of people getting stomped by better teams and better teams without continuous challenge. Throwing everyone in together while fine for casual hot join based action doing the same for anything else semi serious was asking for disaster. I have written about the issue previously and my take on it so which hasn’t really changed at all since then so instead of rambling even more and making another long winded wish list post I’m just going to link to it instead, check out points 1 and 2.

The one thing about the Arenanet team I’ve noticed is that they really love innovating with everything about the game, any mechanic has been subject to the whims of change and often has been before release. But I think they may go too far with such innovation without really truly thinking about and comparing their new model to ones already employed in other games and this is what  has happened here. There are many well functioning systems around with the majority of the high end ones like Starcraft and lol employing well designed matchmaking systems that constantly pair up players and teams of similar rating. Now I don’t know whether Arenanet decided they can make some better, more suited to their game and community or if their hard on for the casual playerbase got the better of them but they made something different and something which isn’t suited to their intentions and to the community.

It all seems easy enough though in a way  as all they need to do is get rid of the current tournament model in favour of an active system that pairs people and teams up for a single match or maybe those same two teams for three in a row and calculates the ratings accordingly. Now it already seems they are taking metrics for the different matches and even for individuals as they already have a functioning ladder, they have even showed they can put a ladder system into implementation relatively easily with WvW and the server matching but they decided not to take the system the rest of the way.

I don’t know how much work it would be to implement but I hope among all their changes coming in the February patch that this is one of them as I really enjoy the structured PvP format but it is just too punishing on those trying to enter as it is right now. I would even like to see this sort of format used within the hotjoin system with the play now button trying to pair people up with similar ranked players, you would still have the option to join the servers you want but it is just one better way of making fairer and funner battles. Now the Tournament system could still be enacted for their planned monthly and yearly tournaments with bigger prizes but for regular play they just isn’t conducive to growing and maintaining a population.

Well that’s it for today and see you tomorrow for the thrilling conclusion which if your into pvp in Guild Wars 2 you may already have inkling about. Ta Taah