Picture Proud

So I kinda maybe burnt out my writing module over the last few days and am waiting on a replacement.. so here’s some purrty pictures in the mean time

Gw2 Tixx charr

Tixx visits the Charr

Borderlands 2 Boat

A Marooned Dragon Boat

Borderlands 2 warehouse

Corridor shooting.. Loved the lighting

TSW Zombie Skin

I’m a Zombie…. aaaarrghhss

TSW Orochi

Poor.. Poor Red shirts

Gw2 Tixx Lions Arch

Enter the Toy Behemoth

Borderlands 2 Lilith

Purple Splodey

Borderlands 2

Kinda creepy

Walking Dead more death

Excuse me while I curl up in the fetal potion and bawl my eyes out

Gw2 PvDoor

..knock knock.. who’s there?.. Zerg… zerg who? ahhhhhhhhhhh hunnnhh.. IT BURRRNS