Esports iz Serioz Buzniz – More SotG

Gah that hurt just writing that title so sorry for those reading it, anyway there has been another Sate of the game hosted by Guru that has discussed the state of PvP in the game. They talk a lot about balance and the meta but this time talk is mainly about how we are going to revitalise strustured PvP, the mechanics and features it needs and how to bring more players in. They really discuss everything about the game better then I ever could, they are far more involved in it through continuos play and dedication so have a watch. Just remeber to comment on the forums more about what you want, what you like and how you want the game to progress, Arenanet needs to see there is a community there to tap into.

and here they are



There is another State of the game as well, some of the NA guys got together to discuss the same state of affairs becasue they couldn’t stand the EU guys getting the focus this time around because.. you know.. silly but rather hilarious rivalry .

And here’s the NA guys


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