Secret Sunday: New additions and Long term aspirations

Finally got around to the Tyler Freeborn missions and they are definitely  an amazing collection of events, cutscenes and mechanics that keep you engaged.

It’s nice that even after all this time they are still giving people a reason to visit the earlier areas. Even without having numerous areas, when people have finished leveling these lower zones always turn into a ghost town but here I still see people running around who are quite obviously well geared doing the rounds. It makes each area feel more important, busier and like your not alone playing a supposed mmo when you can’t play as often.

The new update once again has us visiting older areas. The end of days event had everyone traversing the world and the Templars home town, and exploring the disappearance of Tyler Freeborn. These updates have been well planned to involve people in the entire game world as well as different parts of the map. I would really like to see this aspect taken on by more developer, give people a reason to go back even just for a silly event because constantly having it in the same place neglects the rest of the world… Not to mention is rather boring.

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Necro Fight Guide – Dagger Ele

Elementalists always offer a very interesting battle for, with the amount of condition removal their kind of like our arch nemesis in ways.

I was lucky to get a several great duels against a decent Ele last weekend and they were always quite close fights. At first I was getting beaten more often but with practice the odds got in my favour. We got rather comfortable fighting each other and adapted our fights to try and counter each other, the first fights the Ele was running very close to the usual rotation.. this is one of the later fights.

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