Necro Fight Guide – Dagger Ele

Elementalists always offer a very interesting battle for, with the amount of condition removal their kind of like our arch nemesis in ways.

I was lucky to get a several great duels against a decent Ele last weekend and they were always quite close fights. At first I was getting beaten more often but with practice the odds got in my favour. We got rather comfortable fighting each other and adapted our fights to try and counter each other, the first fights the Ele was running very close to the usual rotation.. this is one of the later fights.

Dagger elemental have some very decent damage to look out for but it is usually attached to chain attacks that can be quite visible and easy to counter if you know them. Their opener is usually the skill Lightning Flash and Updraft which is a quick engage and a follow up skill to knock you down. From there they will switch to fire for the big damage combos, interrupt them here and stay out of fire. Just remember that these fire aoe’s are lines and only affect you if you pass through so either stay within or dodge threw.

Just remember that in this fight fear is your friend, save them as you may need to to interrupt these chains rather frequently. Anytime they look like they are breathing something you need to avoid or fear. One skill is Drakes Breath which hurts, the other is Cone of cold which heals them a fair bit.

This fight was with the bunker Ele which has a foundation on boons, great regeneration, and decent condition application. It is typically an attrition fight which they are rather hard to beat on. A lot of these tips are good regardless when fighting dagger ele’s though as they typical follow the same patterns.


  • Putrid Mark should be saved for when your getting a little overwhelmed by conditions. Use when you either have the fire condition as that shit hurts, or best time I think, when they are in water atunement as they will stack a decent amount of chill. Fighting an Ele with chill makes it a lot harder to avoid the big hitters.
  • Poison cloud is useful to throw in as bunker ele’s have a ton of healing. Best time is when they switch to water. Also while it may be hard to maneuver in the right way with how much they move but using the Necrotic Grasp on staff adds extra poison if you fire through it
  • Well of Darkness is a great pick as most of their damage is up close so putting this down and standing inside gives you breathing room whether they stay in or wait outside of it.
  • Focus is my usual off hand of choice, which is a better choice over dagger here. Spinal Shiver’s is invaluable as it can give you regular boon removal and chill. Save for regeneration in particular. Also Reaper’s Touch gives you regeneration which is nice for these long drawn out attrition fights.
  • Switch into death shroud just after the initial 2 Air attacks as the brunt of the damage comes after from either fire or earth. Also switch when they are close to you and in air, lightning whip hurts for a spammable.
  • Churning earth = watch the fuck out, it will usually be channeled away from you with doing a lightning flash onto you right near the end. Easy to see and with a few seconds cool down you have time to do damage then fear.. Placing a Reaper’s Mark on your feet negates it.
  • Trait Death Magic VII – Reaper’s mark. Dagger Ele’s will be knocking you down often in order to guarantee big damage chains, annoy them immensely with this trait.

Build for this…

Necro fear bomber. Not really suited in terms of 1v1 as it is my group pvp spec and here are some notes for it :

  • I’m a noob and need greater marks
  • Retaliation on death shroud. DS is a punching bag, make them hurt a little for hitting it
  • life force on marks – who could say no
  • Reapers Protection – nice back up fear
  • Soul reaping trait III, great for extra fear and I tend to like Transfusion as it is actually a decent group heal
  • Rune of nightmare – with this and the other fears you end up interrupting, them quite often. Fear is always disorientating as they turn the camera around, in combo with others you are putting a fear on them every 10 or so seconds which is nuts. The tooltips are wrong on this rune as well, the 4th spot gives something like 16% condition duration making it 20 overall.
  • Hybrid power/condition.. I feel like power adds more weight to your attacks over the bleeds from precision and this way life blast hits for a decent amount.

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