Link Dead Radio: Overloaded on GW2 Info

well I’ll start off with a lot of Guild Wars stuffz to wet your appetite for destruction.

Mike Ferguson has been very vocal on the Wuv Wuv forums as late and there is some great information their on the basics of the games mechanics. The thread is Here and you may want to read threw it as there are several responses throughout, here’s a few of the bits to look out for:

  • Siege despawning mechanics, siege caps and population caps
  • Why siege is not account bound yet can be thrown to be traded
  • Forced respawn timers for dead peoples
  • The development timeline of loot bag spawns
  • Cancelling the waypoint entirely for the entirety of a siege (fixing that brief couple second window in between defence events)

A very comprehensive list of the people who stream Guild Wars 2

A response regarding the Wuv Wuv Glicko rating system

I hadn’t read this previously but it is an update on culling and how the development is proceeding

Some great GW2 Youtube channels

  • Bao Nguyen – Who you may know now from his 4v30 video

I found this write up and the discussion on reddit of an economy tycoon that was one of the big earners as part of the snowflake “exploit” really quite interesting.

aaaaaannnnnnd The Gw2 Facebook

Now to squash all that good news is some terrible news coming from Darkfall, going by this I think it may be a lot longer till it comes out of beta…again.

and some really really REALLY tasteless marketing from a company called HyperMac.. Seriously? starting the year off well in regards to sexism in the gaming industry, might be an achievement in it for you.
Seriously… Seriously?


2 thoughts on “Link Dead Radio: Overloaded on GW2 Info

  1. Really awesome seeing another person who plays Guild Wars 2 who also plays/played Darkfall! Were you on the EU or US server?

    I have plans on starting a gold making blog for Darkfall as well (despite the economy being incredibly hard to track) along my gw2 gold making blog,

    But yeah, haven’t really touched the Darkfall beta much due to all the persistence problems its been experiencing.

    • I actually never played Darkfall, I’m relatively new to the mmo scene which really only took off with rift. 

      Played every other genre under the sun but mmo’s completely flew over the radar

      Love pvp though and having read a lot about the oldies as well as guildies giving those rose tinted reminiscence of past glory makes me really look forward to it. 

      Impossible to play right now though as it doesn’t log in at all, same with other aussie friends. Will see you in there when it starts and will keep an eye on your blog… Maybe if I read up on the economy I won’t be broke 

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