Wuving What’s Coming in GW2

Lots and Lots and Lots of information spammed by Anet this week and heaps of it relates to pvp. Talking about the guesting which is imminent, new additions to WvW coming soon including the fancy progression system, and all the promised features for SPvP…woooo.

Guest Pass

Guesting is coming, and then there was dancing in the streets, let all rejoice and bask in this wonderful moment. But it has not been without loss, without sacrifice so let’s all have a moment for the fallen servers that once we’re great but were mercilessly picked apart on their descent. And I just want to say a great big FIIIINAAAAAALY. After not acknowledging that server transfers was an actual issue they finally came through. The main reason for guesting and paid transfers being a focus of post development is indeed WvW even if only to finally remove the bandaid that was the 7 day limits that has been annoying those with friends on other servers immensely.

It was a bandaid that served it’s purpose I guess, it stemmed the tide of constant  big transfers and even quite a bit of the unsavourable server elements such as gloating, cross server recruitment, and much more. It wasn’t a perfect fix by any means and the server populations are still in flux but I believe in the next week we will see them settle. It will also bring an end to the issue which Hunter Described of groups of experienced killers descending on the lower tiers to revel in carnage.. Well I new the were doing it but I had underestimated the effect.

So it is going to have a gem fee attached now but there wasn’t a set amount discussed so it all really depends on how much the cost is now to how much we will see people and guilds moving around, it will have to be a decent quantity thoguh considering that gold can be transfered to gems… this system is starting to be a nuisance, it would have been better to have the in game economy seperate to the cash shop now I think as it would have ensured reasonable prices in their rather then having to adjust for in game wealth.

There are a couple additions to this though which seem interesting, firstly full transfers will still be locked of.. good in a way except for the actual wvw population varying immensely between these full servers meaning it should maybe be based on something like an average of wvw populations with the top populations of a tier being locked. This would serve to even out unbalances throughout the tiiers and stop bandwagon jumpers. The next is that higher population servers will be more expensive which I really don’t know what to think about. I don’t see this as a needed item unfortunately, full servers are already locked and it still doesn’t stop bandwagoners in certain tiers jumping to winning server or even those wanting to grief the bottom tiers (depends on the price I guess. You want to minimise movement completely so a flat rate would be better, with lower servers being relatively cheap you could see big changes on masse or even the creation of a new super wvw server like has happened and maybe will happen again going by forum talk.

The question now is will we begin to see a greater sense of community growing over the following weeks and months.. There is a good foundation there for sure but I think a lot of people like myself weren’t exactly active in these because they felt a lot less transient simply due to how much player movement there was. There has been an absolute wave of transfers now as a result of the announcement so considering that this may be the last big moves and displacement of servers we see in quite a while, it will be nice to have some stability if it all works out. I do find the amount of people,guild, and zerg guilds transferring to SoS rather amusing, do these people learn nothing from the mistakes of the past? Bandwagon jumping to the winning tier one server is a recipe for disaster, sos is already considerably overloaded and I think there will be some decent queue times awaiting them, cue forum qq and then the exit. Maybe, maybe not but history sure does like repeating itself.

Blog Log

the big blog post


Culling is still a big deal to the developers and it sounds like they are on the right track to finding an adequate solution, hopefully we will see it in the next couple of months. The progression system sounds like it is going to be ready for the February update which will keep people playing  and maybe even offer a sense of long term achievement. The rewards that may be coming actually seem quite extensive as well and not just focusing on one type of reward; gear, titles, abilities and bonuses, and what even seems like a similar system to that which is in Spvp right now. They will also be focusing on adding more reasons to fight as a server rather than just to win and may be more long term then just a week but this bit was rather vague so it could be anything.

The one thing I think is missing in these additions is the importance  of guilds in these battles, besides just throwing as much numbers as possible into a battle guilds really don’t have much point in these battles. It would be nice to see the function of guilds taking a bit further in these battles such as using influence more extensively, better defnesive measures for a guilds claimed structure, guild skills, siege and the ability to earn more for your guild through WvW, maybe even special guild bonuses that are only earned through battle. I don’t know what exactly yet  and these are just random suggestions but I feel there needs to be more incentive for guilds to add there whole strength into battles but also a way of grounding them to a specific server.


updating the reward system it seems which is a great thing, all you really gain right now is the customization of your look. They seem to want to create a more constant play through these rewards and such, bringing more people in all the time which will be a nice change as some days it is rather barren. The PvP daily was a nice change so I am interested to see where else they go with this.

One big change is obviously a brand new matchmaking system which they claim will match people better based on ability, I am not sure whether this will only be for the paid and free tournament section or Hot join as well but whatever it is is needed, going by there previous statement about constant meaningful play I tend to think it will include hot join as well. One thing that worries me thoguh is what sort of matchmaking system they are going to use, they haven’t displayed much forethought and knowledge regarding rating systems or matchmaking tools in structured pvp yet and even their glicko system seems rather flawed.

Lots of other features incoming finally, features that were promised on realise and are absolutely required to startt building a competitive scene and are big steps on their march toward being an esport. Custom arenas are coming, I don’t exactly think this is a needed point yet, the population is rather small but it will be a nice thing for the really hardcore I guess, in terms of creating better matches a proper matchmaking system fits that role so this is an odd choice to be as focused on, I thought they had dropped the development of this for now but it is coming.

It also looks as though proper leaderboards are going to be implemented that will even be visible in game, depending on the ranking system this will be really nice to have and has some good bragging rights attached between friends, guildies and enemies.

The LFG will be good to get in as well, the mists feels very locked off from others at times so this will make it a lot easier for like minded people to group up to create matches and tournaments. It is a long way off though apparently so in the mean time we will still be relying on third party sites and forum spam.
One thing that seems like an odd change was their Use of the term progression pvp instead of structured like they were calling it before, this kind of indicates a complete rework of the system and how they were approaching it before. A focus on growing as a character now and progressing forwards rather then the stagnant feel people were getting who really on focus on this one particualr area. That is a huge design shift and one which I am happy to support, I do hope this progression isn’t just contained within this seperate mode though, one of my big criticisms regarding spvp is that nothing iis transferable in other areas, that your play  here means nothing compared to what you can achieve elsewhere… We shall see how much itereation changes next month I guess.


right now I currently can’t be assed doing achievements.. dailies or monthlies so this new token system might actually entice me into doing things. It’s not that I hate dailies or anything like that, I am happy to do them but only with the right reward attached and right now the reward doesn’t interest me in the slightest. I really love customisation options and whats in game right now seems a bit limited for my tastes anyway and this new token system seems like it will be where new items are added at least in the short term and there may be some really cool pieces so I’m in. A question though, since it’s based on achievements (or will be in the near future) can wuv wuv players maybe get there achievements put down to an attainable amount since I don’t feel I would kill 1 million yaks anytime soon.

The rest well…I kind of glossed over the PvE side of things but there are plenty of other people rambling about it here, here, or even here


They have also done a livestream which involved answering many of the communities more pressing issues, there are a couple full transcripts at either dulfy or reddit

Throughout this they are mainly talking about the exact same things with a few more details about certain areas. I am really starting to be annoyed with how tight lipped they are sometimes as it really serves no purpose.. actually the mystery really does keep you wanting to know more, and enticement to stick around at least until these new additions come and by then I’m guessing there will be a new mystery box of features to fawn over.

SPVP bitsies

  • Working on a new 1 team vs 1 team version of our tournament system , will be paid tournament (but reduced the cost and reduced rewards). Winners stay in, losers kicked out to the lobby.  (Current tournament system require 8 teams for a single tournament with 3 rounds so it is hard to get tournaments started at the moment)
  • This new tournament version will be on Temple of Silent Storm map (this map has a lot of tournament potential).
  • Adding more PvP specific armor skins – i..e skins that are available in PvE but not in PvP.
  • And a resounding NO to talks aboout GvG battles being supported as that is apparently what custom arenas are for


  • We are encourage people to defend, to get involved, to break away from large mass mentality of zerging

At the moment I just don’t see that happening, I really think they underestimate the psychology of the zerg and just how effective it is. The maps are just too small to support any other playstyle more then zerg trains, try as they might to reward other styles of play zerging and capturing points will probably still be the most beneficial. Also with the ways skills and aiming are designed I don’t see defence getting any easier either, right now the advantage is always on the attacker as it is far easier for a player aim up then for someone to aim down especially aoe as this can be placed on walls and still be effective. Even siege on walls is entirely too vulnerable, usually in real medieval siege defensive siege would need to be knocked out by the enemies siege, catapults and trebs but here it just seems to be easily countered by random AOE. Something needs to be done with the design of keeps and tower to make siege more protected and easier to fire from in terms of a persons field of view when manning it.

  • Reward the individual player for what they are doing rather than contribute scoring via server

Stance on allowing people to see enemy nameplates in WvW

  • Mixed feeling – we want server to viewed as a whole and not introduce bitterness to individual players
  • Not completely opposed to the idea – be interesting to get bragging rights, more competitive nature
  • Not sure how to design around that at the moment
  • Need to make it voluntary, prevent harassment issues
  • WvW is about large scale massive battle mentality where individual players are not as important

I would really like to see nameplates in combat more often, it is a way to build stronger competition as the creation of enemies can be long lasting. It would be also good in the extent of meeting other like minded people and strengthening the WvW community, there has been many times fight particularly skilled opponents that all I could do was /bow when having killed them or lay there dead when I died. I would like more open channels of communication this is one part of that I guess but /say working for the enemy would be even better. Of course people are going to abuse it, the hot heads and the trolls but underestimating how great it could be for the game and it’s population is silly. The voluntary part about it may be a good addendum, there are many whom take off hand comments done in fights too seriously, smack talk has it’s uses but when your used to it it is easily ignored or fun to be involved in.

  • AoE abilities balancing

This is the one thing I am not exactly happy with, Aoe really isn’t that big of an influence on fights, turtling is already a relatively strong tactic and the aoe in this game is kind of its counter. They really need to tread lightly on this change as going to far will make zergs even more powerful then they are now. There comment about making single target damage builds more viable seems rather amusing as if burst builds aren’t actually a problem. Aoe on these Mesmer and Thief builds was one of the best counters so weakening it may have ramifications.

There was also more talk about class balance and an amusing statement from them that the meta is indeed boring. Blah blah blah bunkers are strong, some classe4s don’t have enough viable builds.. yadda yadda.. we know this already, it’s been discussed numerous times.

Ok so that’s it for now although it looks as though Anet are having a bit of a media blitz this week so expect more.. there was only now another question and answers with the MMORPG livestream team but its pretty much all the same information for now. and the same response of can’t talk until “Its ready”. It is funny read this all back now as well as a few other posts, Isound rather jaded and I may be but I and my guild are rather excited with the future guild wars 2 has. Just the other night we had some fantastic battles in our own homeland, small scale supply camp fights large zerg on zerg in open plains, keep defence and attack.. it was absolutely brilliant and we eagerly await more each and every night. This is some of the best Open world PvP we have had in a long time, it is flawed, we all know that but the potential is amazing.

Awaiting the Potential of GW2

Awaiting the Potential of GW2