Secret Sunday: Congruence in Character relations

I should be nearing up on completing most quests in Transylvania now although the completion will include going back and forth a bit as I skipped some in the earlier areas prematurely. I also want to read all the npcs in the main cities which will include creating characters on the other 2 secret societies which will probably keep me busy in game for another month at least, hopefully in time and ready for the new zone.

There are some amazing characters throughout Transylvania, some of my favourites now as well and it’s good to see the quality of the writing and depth of the characters has continued all the way through. Not that I doubted them at all but I have seen the quality of writing and design taper off in the higher zones of others games like by then they run out of ideas. Right now I’m just looking forward to filling out my knowledge on them and maybe collecting all the lore. I never really bothered looking for the lore so that little goal should take me some time. From what I have read so far on the lore pieces which actually isn’t much, they are quite well done and explain a lot of the setting in new interesting ways.So much amazing story and so little time to absorb it, sometimes I wish it was all written down in pdf or paperback form so I could but alas.

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