A Forced time of Green Living

When I said I might need a break oh vengeful god I didn’t mean from all gaming. First world problems for sure and there are others out there worse of then me whom I do feel for but I still have a right to whine. 

The power has been out for 2 days now with at least another day to go. Ah well such is life I guess. It has been fun in a weird kind, we got a lot of the camping gear out of the shed and set it up so we have light and the ability to make hot food.


That’s my little cooking station with the gas lamp, It looks kind of dark but it was actually rather bright.

I have also come to the unmistakable conclusion that I am indeed still scared of the dark in some primal sort of way. I was carrying the torch around everywhere much to my hubbies amusement. I can see his efforts to turn the lights off on me are going to get worse.

Anyway, posting anything is rather hard right now due to not having my lappy due to not having power and the whole issue with not getting any mobile reception at home. I am slowly working on a post about Firefall during the bus rides to work but it’s still a little while off. Hopefully regular posting will resume soon but I imagine myself gorging on games like it’s my last chance when the power comes on so give me a but longer… Purty please.

Bad timing with the new patch as well but there are plenty of people covering it. All I want to say is Noooooooooooooo to the news on no more siege in the jumping puzzle and yay to pets getting some prozac.. If only they would reliably attack as well..

Ciao 4 now


2 thoughts on “A Forced time of Green Living

  1. I’m sobbing over spirit weapons finally being able to be hit and broken so easily. There goes a good part of my build.

    Here’s hoping you get your power back soon!

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