Rise of the Quaggan

Has any else noticed a large part percentage of players sporting these ridiculous yet adorable backpacks.

Cuteness overload


Seriously at the moment it feels like the fluffy version of these seaborne mammals is everywhere.. well not exactly everywhere but i am definitely seeing them with some frequency. I don’t think it is just the nature of the item which is making it popular although that is definitely part of it. It is that they can finally be worn as part of a regular gear.

Quite a few of my guildies are wearing these little things now and it is rather amusing to see to, the telling part is that they are mostly males. They were even having a full conversation on them and talking others into buying them. I mean not to demean them but I didn’t expect these type of guys to be interested in such a thing.

Quaggan Assault team

Quaggan Assault team

Now though I think it’s because we are all salivating for combat ready garments to customise our look. We would be more then happy to support Anet through the cash shop if only more things were wearable or if it was all easy to use. And here, the first item from the cash shop that is a transmutation item and wearable in and about the world. I have never seen any item around the world as consistently as this, I have seen some of the holiday themed items during there respective holiday times but that’s it.

I have never seen any of the novelty items such as the aviators and boxing gloves.. Never ever. Most people want items that are within the context of Tyria not throwback to our era. Anet has great lore, nice aesthetic, and interesting costumes and i really would like to see more of it.

Appearance has the potential for big earning if you actively develop for it. More so then silly consumables, or pointless lock boxes. I hope they are beginning to see this, transmutation is a convoluted system but I would be content for now if the add more usable outfits, like in the many pieces of concept work I was so utterly impressed with.


3 thoughts on “Rise of the Quaggan

  1. To be fair, both the Aviator goggles and the boxing gloves are pretty much in keeping with the milieu of GW2 Tyria. The Pact has a fully functioning airforce, including not just airships but helicopters, while in Divinity’s Reach there’s a circus strongman who prizefights all-comers. I think the reason you don’t see them (and I’ve never once seen them either) is because most people just don’t use the Town Clothes system.

    I wonder if it’s used by roleplayers. I’m guesting on Tarnished Coast now – I’ll keep a look out and see if I can spot anyone dressed up for city life.

    • The way Tyria is at the beginning of an industrial age is great and I’ve seen one of those helicopters in Orr once or twice. I still kind of look at those clothing items as out of place though and would prefer items in keeping with the general aesthetic

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