MOOOOAAR PVP: Camelot Unchained

Well big news today that has set off a lot of conversation and garnered the interest of a lot of pvp players.

That is of course the announcement by Marc Jacobs and over at Massively a little Q&A about the realm v realm focused mmo that they are in the process of developing. It is a rather interesting announcement and even with the stigma of War hanging over his head I have to admit I will be looking forward to it when it does eventually release.

It is in the process of getting Kickstarter so the bulk of development is still to go, I got the impression though that the Kickstarter isn’t exactly needed for a finished product but it’s one of those help us release it earlier and more awesome as well as to gauge interest in order to determine level of investment. Yeh one of those shitty moves.. you either need a Kickstarter or you don’t, in saying that I still may pop my Kickstarter cherry for this one as well designed realm battles are always welcome. There are a few reasons why I want to support it but also a few concerns.

Firstly it sounds like they want to create a large open world for these battles to take place with fully fleshed out mmo systems. There will be Classes and a certain type of leveling though ranks, abilities. There is a full crafting system which is where most of the gear for the game will come from in which I imagine involves gathering and probably killing to get ingredients and then sitting over a crafting station. There is also surprisingly what sounds like an open world housing system but I have no idea how that will work.. but housing wooo.

Realm battles is kind if in vogue at the moment it seems with GW2’s Wuv Wuv being a success and pulling in great continuous numbers. There is Elder Scrolls pulling up the rear with their addition, Archeage have their own system which is a marvel to think about, and probably a few others in development… Not to mention the reminiscence of basically every older pvp’er and their dog about the beauty that was DAoC.

It is actually rather brilliant marketing for now as they have distinctly branded it a rvr but when you think about its basic principles and mechanics it has all the hallmarks of a regular mmo but it is fundamental an open world pvp. It has a developed world with mobs and many other usual features that is not safe from being pk’d within, consequences to death and all that jazz. All that is missing is an announcement of player looting and we have Darkfall.. in spirit at least but it’s all wrapped in the cosy blanket that is RvR which is actually looked upon much more kindly then pvp mmo’s.

It’s good to see him also declaring the games focus so that anyone coming in knows exactly what to expect and I can’t helped but feel ecstatic that a big name developer sees the inherent value in PvP. Just like many PvE players would like to see an mmo without the baggage of PvP I too (and many others) have longed for less Pve baggage. PvE usually sees the bulk of content while pvp mostly causes the bulk of balance changes, it’s a viscous cycle and I’m glad that someone is at least trying to break this habit and focusing on one rather then trying to appease both and failing miserably.

I just don’t know how all this is going to work though. It is going to be entirely sub driven with multiple tiers but in this market is asking for a subscription could be a death sentence for it. There are a wealth of freemium pvp games with a focused direction out there, admittingly no RvR ones yet but still being free allows more people to see the product first. They will also be competing with the many mmo’s out there which offer a full PvE and PvP environment for a subscription and even less sometimes. I didn’t hear any talk of a box price so maybe they are going to be more orientated like a service, if so that may actually work but it’s too early to tell.. especially since the future of pvp in mmo’s actually looks rather good.


2 thoughts on “MOOOOAAR PVP: Camelot Unchained

  1. Nice write up, you covered the importance of placing the cards early and often on the table to (hopefully) preclude the usual pitch fork, torch bearing nincompoops crowd that come out later and claim the game doesn’t have any dungeon loot raids.

    I would love me a Darkness Falls style dungeon though! 😉

    • i kind of think that was there plan since in it’s basic form it is an mmo. There will always be people complaining how so and so mechanic is too hard or requires too much work though.

      Yeh some great undergruond open world laybrinths would be absolutely epic, always great pvp in and around those and dieing sucks.. like it should

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