Waiting for more Wuv Wuv

Well it looks like we will not be seeing this grand massive Wuv Wuv update that will reinvigorate everyone and let joyous carnage ensue will not be released this month and is instead being pushed back to March. There is a part of me that understands how development goes, delays, bugs and such are standard and that you just shrug your shoulder keep playing or leave.

Then there is the bitter pvp player in me who time and time again has seen pvp been forgotten in favour of PvE. For updates to be minuscule and very far apart, for developer input on the forums to be a rarity. And I see it all again now, a “massive” Wuv Wuv update that was due in December and is still being postponed and that now only seems like a basic progression system rather then… you know.. Content.

It has been 6 months now and WvW has received minimal updates and no I don’t include cosmetic changes to siege an update. All I can really think of for changes are the new breakout events and yet there have been numerous PvE updates and events of varying quality released consistently each month.

There have been a few updates for structured including new maps, tournaments, and now a matchmaking system. The focus on spvp over wvw makes sense in a way as Esports has always been a clear focus of the developers and the major pvp spokespeople are very competitively focused. But now even this area seems to be getting prioritised over WvW, the balancing ideals and planned aoe changes are one example and yet it is very clear which mode is more popular.

Then it is just the silence regarding a lot of issues and general lack of input or direction.

Hacking us still very prevalent regardless of what anyone says. Every night I see at least a couple of teleport (smaller jumps now that are less noticeable) / speed hackers amongst the zergs who are either randoms or even people from big name guilds like Die and Merc. People getting into keeps through nefarious means is a constant rather then a rarity, this week I have seen enemies trying to jump inner bay wall and there is talk of hacjer/s taking fully upgraded keeps. The event where so’s had many golems ready across different borderlands for the exact moment servers went down was very fishy as well. And yet we still don’t have an exploit report function in game, instead we must fraps or screenie the issue which many can’t or forget too.

Queue times are completely bugging out with certain tiers getting as little as 50-80 per server which is a lot less then was previously reported. At times the amount of people being let in is also quite inconsistent with some getting less and others getting more which makes it purposefully unfair. Even when it is not completely messing up I think everyone has noticed a lack of WvW population in game from the originally planned 500 a map. I have no doubt it has been messing with queue times and how much they have inflated recently.

Culling is still awful and the new update made it worse, as we said it did when they first tried it. No change here and I really hope some decent fixes come soon. Also pls stop insulting your players intelligence, we know the specs of our puter plays a vital role but here the onus of change is on you.

And then this announcement.. Where do I start. Wanting more people… Seriously. Firstly the maps are too small for the amount we have and you servers can’t handle it either. Also your only now considering expanding the team on WvW, you have a decent system here but you coouldn’t have expected it to have been perfect come release could you?

Ahh. I am once again letting my emotions leak to the digital Page, a rant is good and can let people unwind.. This is more starting to read like I’m jaded or something.. far from it as I still love mmo’s and will continue to play them while they are interesting and i get to connect with other people. Ah well, I know they are trying hard in the end on improving Wuv wuv for the better I am still very excited to see what they have in store for the future, not to mention that I am still playing incesently during the week and having barrels of fun.

Must find some positive things to post about in the near future to lighten the mood. Hmmm.. at least they listen to player feedback when it concerns big changes, the recent cancelation of reseting the server scores was excelent. I am glad you think out of the box for fixing situations and can understand when you are wrong.


5 thoughts on “Waiting for more Wuv Wuv

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  2. To say I’m underwhelmed by the February update as detailed so far would be an understatement. Very, very thin. I’m guessing the real meat was the WvW stuff. I hope so, anyway.

    The Living Story so far is pathetic and I cringed when I saw what we were getting in February. If that’s an accurate description then it’s going to be a laughing stock. If it turns out to be a lot more than it looks there, all well and good but that invites the question “what the hell does the PR dept. think it’s playing at?”.

    I think GW2 is a fantastic MMO but ANET’s stewardship of it since launch has been patchy at best. They appear to be floundering. Lucky I have nearly fifteen years experience of playing SoE MMOs or I’d be beginning to worry about now! It’ll come right in the end but it looks like it will be a rockier road than perhaps most of us expected.

    • Well that’s embarrassing First time I have ever done it , too. That comment was supposed to be for The Egg Baron! It does sort of fit here, but that’s sheer co-incidence. Apologies to both of you.

      I’m sitting here now posting the sounds of Lion’s Arch in the background as WvW resets. A lot of the shine has rubbed off WvW now, but I still try to stay up for the resets when I can. If only the whole week could be as fast and furious as the first session after a reset.

      I agree with most of your impressions above on where WvW stands now. Not in a good place. I don’t agree that the decision to rescind the resets was excellent. I think it was necessary, but only because it was such a godawful idea to begin with. It should never have gotten past the brainstorming process. I don’t give credit for preventing a disaster of one’s own making.

      I await March’s update with a combination of resignation and apprehension. WvW certainly needs some form of progression – it has none now. Whether ranks, achievements and bragging rights will cut it I have my doubts but I am willing to give it a try. That is, of course, if it doesn’t get postponed again.

      Currently I am back to playing PvE the majority of my time and glad to be doing so.

      • haha no prob.. happy commenting.

        Preventing a disaster or not I’m still very glad they didn’t put it through.

        The progression system they have planned does seem rather extensive with lots of different elements so I actually have high hopes for it.

  3. WvW really is a love hate relationship. I love playing it, I hate everything else about it… lol

    Great article. Didn’t feel like a rant to me. Seems like a reasonable assessment of the state of the game.

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