Games Galore for Ouya

For any new console having a decent line up come release is a make or break for it, no one is going to buy a console that doesn’t have any games they like on it and in these time technology moves forward drammaticall.. maybe even more so with these new customisable consoles in the works. And everything seems to be ramping up well for the Ouya release, big name developers are already on board and producing games for this potentially revolutionary system and the line up is looking promising.

Maybe even more so now. Recently there was one of those fancy game jams sponsored by KillScreen that enticed developers to create their own unique game over a course of 10 days. There is 50k at stake and the finalists are going to be announced in a couple days. I won’t lie, some of these titles sound god awefull but there is definitely some potential here and it was a great way to market the accessibility of this new market and maybe even get a few teams developing more games for it.

Regardless of the quality right now though  if some of these are made available come release on the machine it will be a great little arcade box from the start. Even if they go the route of having a seperate section in google play for ouya app purchases I will be very happy with it.

Some of my favourites from the Jam are

  • Bombball – A weird fast paced soccor type game
  • Colour Thief – Puzzler with an interesting concept of a chameleon that can steal and transfer colour
  • Duplicity – Competitive Tetris.. LOVE this idea
  • Sea States – rouguelike strategy where you are creating a floating island
  • Wild Blue – Artsy and interesting looking Wild West adventure game


Sometimes I really wish I either had the talent or the motivation to make awesome games like these and a part of the industry… but then I realise the terrible working conditions and that I get to play with goop, playdough, painti, and duplo for a living.