Coordination and Class Complexities

I have often down played the cooperative aspect of Guild Wars 2 here and in game as well. Most times events, dungeon runs, and pvp it is an every man man/or woman for themsleves kind of environment. The nature of character development kind of urges you onto that path as due to many different factors group play isn’t as necessary and you more have to focus on your own skills and rotation. But I am slowly but surely getting a glimpse of some sort of hidden meta.

Yes that word ..Meta.. it is kind of meaningless to most that word, some sort of stupid word we usually hear self proclaimed “pros” use. It makes no difference for most people whether they are privy to it and most times they won’t even know when they have been apart of it or on the recieving end. I know I rarely understand the meta here, usually I don’t care but this is slowly starting to change.

I know a bit about the SPvP meta, it kind of revolves more about certain builds for key classes and such.. it’s interesting but really not that complex in and of itself. You get a few builds, weapons, and utilities that are needed in the meta but not as much group play beyond spiking a target, It stil emphasises singular dynamics over being cooperative. You have a game plan for the match and where everyone should be but mostly cross player combos aren’t as used. The complexity there comes in being able to enact your role and function flawlessly as it is the mistakes that make you lose. At least, that’s my impression as a pug.

contemplating the meta

Contemplating the meta

Wuv Wuv is far more complex then I originally thought. I think we all had mostly passed of this realm as the place where zergs reign supreme and where superior numbers is what determines fights. A place where running solo makes you prey to the gankers. It seemed the bigger the group the better in all circumstances as bigger ensures victory… Victory and badges. But I no longer think it is a certainty anymore.

It pains me to say but most of our guild fighting in WvW to date was us just playing alone together. Every person for themselves once combat starts, just trying to do as much damage to as many people as we can and it kind of worked as we are all rather decent with our classes but facing a bigger teams was much harder, and coordinated groups meant death. I see most groups doing the same thing usually, the spread, damage, survive or die playstyle and regardless of what people think it is actually rather fun when your in the thick of it.

I guess we never thought that being coordinated would really matter that much to bother with it. The combat mechanics of GW2 are rather simplistic but there was so much we were missing out on. It eventually came to the point were we wanted to do better then we were. On IoJ we never needed to but here in tier 1 we were regularly facing lots of groups much bigger then us and getting stomped.. We hated it and do weetrained rsearched and trained for more.

Once you get to thinking about the classes and how to work together there is just so much strategy that can unfold. There are a number of classes skill combinations (not field and finisher) that are unbelievably powerful when coordinated and done in tandem. Most in the Wuv Wuv loop would have heard about the Warrior hammer group strategy that has been rather popular but there really is a lot more out there with a lot more depth then that. Just thinking about counters to this offers a lot of possibilities.. Smoke screen or well of darkness to blind that initial knock down, guardian shouts or consecration to add stability and there or other options as well.

Running with the group

Running with the group

I am starting to get more excited regarding the possibilities, training and enacting many different possibilities with the guild has me enthralled. And enough to bring about a little more passion for the game. And I am guessing as guild Wars gains more content and gets further developed that we will have additional weapons, skills, utilities, and maybe even classes to make this group meta even more complex. Even just the stuf we have kind of practiced know has our group of a little under 20 taking on and beating groups of 40 or so.. it’s amazing to see.

What’s that now… Our tactics you ask, well that is a secret I shall deny our enemy for now.


2 thoughts on “Coordination and Class Complexities

  1. I wish I could get into Guild Wars 2. I want to find its hidden complexities and adapt myself to its own meta, but I feel like the more actiony elements make the game too fast for me to really appreciate the synergies and combos like I can in other games.

    • it does get very fast at times and it seems damage is way out of proportion with health which maybe makes that feeling worse.. from 0 to dead in 1.06 seconds.

      Thats why for know with our brainstorming and class coordination it mainly revolves on either mitagating that initial burst or hurting them enough from the get go. There are a lot of different ways many of the different classes weapon skills and utilities can combine to form some interesting and powerful combos that suit these 2 aims

      it’s also that you really don’t need to coordinate at all to get the most out of your play and it in no way harms any fun you may have.

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