An example of Complexities and Coordination

Continuing on from the previous post the other day about the hidden strengths of coorodination in Guild wars are a few youtube videos from a guild called Red Guard that shows coordination done to perfection and the damage a small team can do. These videos come courtesy of a guildy whom trawls the interent regularly posting amazing little tidbits regarding gw2 and games in general.

Massive Keep Assault

Hit and run Bombing Tactics

This one gives the perspective from different professions


The one thing to take from this is the type of fields used regularly, the placement, and how most of the team is always fighting inside these points. It’s also the the well timed regroups and how well they are constantly applying key buffs throughout the fights.

This is the pinnacle of the guild wars combat system.. this is what is possible and I amazed at how deep the rabbit hole can go. It seels so simple on the surface and I guess that is a testament to how well developed the combat system is.. simple, elegant, and complex..easy to understand and hard to master.