New Player Tera Tips

Seems to be a lot of people trying out Tera, more then I thought and even people I didn’t think would go near it. So since I’ve played it extensively for a while I thought I’d give a few hints and tips to the newbies to make the transition a little smnoother and hopefully alleviate some of those WTF is that thoughts.


There are a number of these that are very useful and should be carried around when you can.

Lots of important goodies

Lots of important goodies

Bandages are sold in the combat tab of the general vendor. These offer a significant amount of out of combat regeneration with a short cooldown timer. if your melee I would definitely recommend these.

Campfires are good to have too. Tera has a stamina system that greatly changes your health and man depending on how full it is. When questing with others and especially in a dungeon having these is just a courtesy to the group, you’ll probably need them from time to time and shouldn’t just rely on others.

Did you know that everyone can reserect in Tera.. I know right, those tricksy Anet Hobbitisies would have us believe they were the only ones right now. The advanced version of these is sold in the specialty vendor but can be expensive for newcomers, the regular ones tend to drop a lot while you are questing though.. especially during dungeon runs or from bams. Having these are another courtesy to the group although having them can really make a difference during an intense fight as your healer may not be able to. They have a cool down so don’t just rely on one person.

Crystals are and aren’t really consumables, they are apart of your gear but have a high probability of breaking after death. You buy these from the specialty vendor and slot them into the space on you weapon, chest piece, and at 60 on jewellery. Depending on you gear is how many you can slot in, early on you might get only one or two, enchantable gear takes three, and your rare yellow stuff 4. There are a collection with various bonuses to choose from which get better but more expensive as you level. Because these have a regularity of breaking you may want to keep a few extra in your bags, they often drop from mobs as well and can clutter your bags quickly, one handy tip is slotting these into spare armor and weapons as then they don’t use any extra space.

Alkhast is an ingredient used in enchanting equipment it is sold through the general vendor and is rather cheap to use early on. The tier of the item you want to enchant is how much Alkhast you will have to use per enchant. You will also need another similiar item of the enchant items lvl or greater (there are different item levels within each tier).

Skill Use

Heading back to the dark ages in Tera higher level skills must be constantly bought as you level up because older skills are much worse. New skills you have gained will also not be usable until you have purchased them. There is a seperate trainer for magic users and physical dmaage types.

Glyphs can be purchased at 20, you start with 10 and it goes up 1 per level. Each profession has their own glyph vendor which are in the major cities with the first one being velika, just remember the symbols, leaf is magic and shield for physical. You can get rare glyphs of certain types later on from an end game dungeon that cost less points. You need to equip them from your inventory after purchase, you will always have it from then on and after that they will show up in the vendor as owned. (I bought 3 of the same one once upon a time).You can save multiple builds as well which is very easy and painless to switch between when out and about.

Also here is a nifty glyph calculator

You have probably noticed by now that certain abilities are able to chain together with the ease of pressing the spacebar.. firstly i would recommend changing the keybind of that so during combat you always have access to jump, many times during open world pvp i wanted to jump over something only to have a skill pop off and pretty much get me killed. I personally use F but it is really up to you although anything that opens a menu could be distracting. Secondly is that you can make your own chain attacks, if you find yourself having a certain rotation during combat these can make combat feel more fluid. It is only a chain of two per command but you can keep them kind of going along. Just be aware that some skills can only be used after another so you would always want to keep them chained together.

Skills and Chained abilities

Skills and Chained abilities

Handy hints

In you first visit to Veilika you definitely want to increase your bag space as much as you can.. Just leave enough for a pegusus ride.

Gathering gives a decent accumulative buff for each type (energy, mining, gathering) which can help quite a bit while questing, the buff lasts 10 minutes and a stack of ten can be renewed by just gatehring once. Also if you get to the gathering max of 300 on each you get a free bag upgrade and a halo or glowing ball that may or may not say “HEY, LISTEN”.

Don’t bother crafting just yet, even at the low levels it requires quite a bit of money and items to do. in this regards though bank everything you pick up if you can, Everything that drops from mobs is probably useful in some regards. Runes can be rather valuable so always try and keep them and even regular gear can sell for a decent amount at some levels if you don’t feel like salvaging.

You can actually fight your first world boss before facing a bam. It spawns at the upper western side of Valley of Titans usually near the ruined town. You may want a lancer for this one.

Don’t just sell weapons and armor you may find that is of your current wepon or armor level, you may find an enchantable piecce and all of these make for a good upgrade. They don’t need to be the same armor class or weapon to use in the enchantment either.

oh and for you healers out there, during bams or boss fights always try to weave a few normal attacks into your healing rotation, each of your heals is counted as a critical hit making it easy at times to gain aggro. The mobs only have a memory for I think around the last five attacks.

Ohhh its Purty

Everyone loves taking screenshots and the shortcut to hide the Hud is crt+z. Press once to hide ui, twice used to remove name plates (can be done in options menu), and three for 1st person view, then once more and back to normal.

Also one nifty little ability is to press alt to bring up the cursor, hold down shift and click on another person or even monster.. Spectator mode activated

And if you want to look pretty yourself the vendor in Velika as well as other major cities is able to transform stats from one piece to another, it requires an item that is usable as a costume although most are. Dye for the most part is a waste, most have a timer and the permanent ones don’t have a great range. The timer is based on game time so if your only poping in now and then it could be worth it. Most armors you get in game do tend to come in different colours depending on the level of them so just keep an eye out.

Clothing remodelling

Clothing remodelling

Well hope you are all having fun with Tera’s amazing combat and the fantastic dungeon exeriences.. Happy Hunting

If you can think of any other interesting things that would be beneficial to new players add a comment.. DOO EEETTT