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Wuv Wuv has been a bit boring of late, very boring in fact as it seems Jade Quarry has become the new Super Server and is completing dominating… well everywhere. Last time I was in we were 695 points a tick, so it seems the mighty Sea of Sorrows has fallen, gone with the same pattern as Henge of Denravi and Eredon Terace although due to the way the scoring formulae works it will be at least a couple weeks untill they fall back to T2.

Many SoS guilds are already jumping ship, with I think most going on to Blackgate. It makes me think now that JQ is leading the charge in Tier 1 and that the zerg has taken over will the same eventuate for us since a huge population inbalance really isn’t that fun. Many of the guild have been doing what we call PvP enhancement mode (ie fractals and money making schemes)lately to stave off the boredom, me.. I’ve finally got around to trying to level an Alt and it is actually doing quite well so far.

I’m not one for alting at all as I prefer to focus entirely on a main and being the best I can be with it but it has been going ok so far as I have been trying to take the paths and zones I haven’t done yet. After much indecision I finally settled on an Elementalist, first it was a guardian but I found the playstyle of an ele, in particular double dagger very enjoyable as your constantly active in a fight rather then waiting for certain cooldowns.

So here she is. Meet Eriphina, lvl 41. So just over half way at the moment.

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With leveling the ele I’m once again wishing for a wardrobe system as gear upgrades come so quickly that it would be futile to worry about transmutation. I had a look I liked but right now I’ve just settled into wearing whatever hand me downs I get. Oh and why the hell can’t I wear the Quaggan backpack I bought, it was not exactly a cheap item and it’s only one use purchase Pffft.. But I’ve moaned enough about this previously so enough of that for now.

The ele really is a lot of fun, yet is so different to play then the Necromancer in every aspect. Not being an alting person I never really understood just how different the classes were in terms of gameplay and of how you approach combat. I had read the claims from Anet about how each class will play widely different but coming from other mmo’s where this really isn’t true made me a bit sceptical. But there really is world’s of difference between the classes, they may mostly be simple changes to the class mechanics but within this slightly action orientated system the ones I’ve tried feel unique.

The staff ele feels similar to my necro but very different at the same time as you are much squishier and more a support character but it feels far more active as your constantly switching attunements. Dagger is by far the funnest to play though, wherein my staff scepter/focus Necro is more focused on defense in it’s war of attrition the dagger/dagger is an interesting mix of both offense and defense, quick bursts in and then keeping them contained and at bay while you recharge. I don’t see how people are saying it’s this amazingly complex class that is hard to master as once you remember the skill and get a rotation down its actually rather easy to pull off. And even though it has much lower health due to its escape abilities it is much more forgiving of mistakes. It is a very well rounded class.

It is very fun in pvp too and in WvW as your very active and have to be constantly aware if your surroundings. I have to be insanely careful during combat about over extending otherwise it’s dirt nap time and that’s not good. I can still be partially useful in daggers but I’ve been sticking with the staff and a bit of healing power to avoid death and just lending some better support to team fights. Daggers is also a very trait dependant spec as well and not very useful without them but once it’s levelled up watch out world… Mwahahaha.

The hardest part though of getting combat ready with the Ele is leveling up, I’m glad I’m not one for leveling alts as the experience isn’t that much fun for me. It just offers no challenge in the slightest while leveling and for some reason fighting every mob feels very much the same. Fire, fire, fire oops your dead.. Maybe a bit of water, or an earth knock down but that’s pretty much it. There is just no variation in it at all and it bores me. It’s funny though as in Tera I was actually alting a couple of characters and even though it was all the same monsters, zones and quests it still felt more interesting (past 25+ areas) because I was being engaged by the prey I was killing. I tried to be careful, use skills right, and watch for avoidable attacks, here its just spam skills and win. I’m sure others don’t feel that way but I do.

The dynamic events don’t make the expereince feel any better, in fact the expereince becomes more jarring and less fluid in certain aspects. I’m having to jump around the map at the moment in order to get enough experience since events are just to infrequent to rely on. Hearts are no where near enough and are often just filler kill quests, sure you can do the other items but the usually reward so little credit that your better off just massacring the wildlife. I”m thinking due to this that soon I shall just pool together a bit of money and level it the rest of the way through crafting. I’m glad that there is an alternative there to leveling but for some reason crafting just feels like a cop out, I should be out there exploring and questing.

I don’t have enough gold to level too many crafts so I’m thinking about just leveling it to 60 and doing the two cheapest crafts then. So if all goes well I should have my second max lvl character in thinking in 2 weeks time. Until then it’s adventure time for ele and then see you on the battlefield.


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  1. I started a lengthy reply but it got so long I turned it into a post at mine. I’ve leveled up six of the eight classes so far and they play very differently indeed. It’s like a whole new game with some of them.

  2. On the subject of Wuv Wuv, I play on Sanctum of Rall and even my small guild of <10 active members (usually 4-5 of us in Wvw at a time) is thinking of moving to a less chaotic server, if such a thing exists. We have our successes or we would have quit by now but Zerging is and will continue to be the winning strategy unless AN does something to make it less than optimal.

    • There moving in an entirely different direction the making it less viable. Maps aren’t going to be getting any bigger.. Ever and the orange swords mechanic is getting upped to 25 I think. News post incoming soonish about it all.

      Moving is a hard choice. The issue is at higher tiers it is zerging with the occasional small squad combat, and lower PvE door. I haven’t seen much middle ground there. The question of if you want competitive or casual combat is what should guide your choice.

      I wonder if I’ve come across you at all, deadly necro on JQ with the tag TKG.

  3. I love the idea of a wardrobe system helping you to manage it better. As silly as it sounds It does bother me how my character looks, but I have to keep travelling to the hall of monuments and back again to get heritage gear every time I make a change. I’ve started an elementalist and the idea of the strategy around element switching really excited me. I’ve unlocked every weapon skill and so far I’ve found the daggers to be most fun, but when looking for advice on how to play them a lot of people are suggesting not to bother with daggers. I’m still going to try though because I like the idea of a challenge and I reckon if done right it could be really fun. I agree with you about the quests and have to admit that I don’t find them very interesting to do but the completionist in me nags me to persevere lol. I enjoy the dynamic events but sometimes they don’t come around when you want them to and other times you just can’t get away from them because they repeat so often and all you want to do is reach something on the other side – at least it’s good experience though. I’ve started a good deal of the classes now because I found it quite hard to settle into one and I also prefer just to have one main character that I focus on. I personally find the physical classes like warrior and guardian the most fun to play. I’ve settled on a Ranger though because I like animals. :3.

    • yeh, i really want a more functional wardrobe system. The one question I would ask a developer would be “why did you make such a retarded system”.. exactly those words too.

      the classes are a lot more flexible then they appear at times based on gear and the traits.. quite a bit of flexibility but the system really opens up when your combining skills with others (not just combo stuff). As for the Ele they can be done a few ways but the basics is arcane and water with either pvt gear or some sort of healing power one. combined with the traits like cantrips, vigor and regeneration they have a lot of survivability.

      The dynamic events system is the next part I would like them to focus on. The just needs to be more happening around the world as well as more that the player can initiate. When you have to rely on a basic questing system like hearts and poi’s then the system really greaks down.

      Thanks for the comments too

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  5. I’ve always liked the Elementalist a lot too, and mine also happens to be a purple Sylvari. Yours is very pretty, that’s a lovely shade of lilac.

    • it’s a very fun class to play but I will always love my Necro over all else. The Sylvari seem to be innately beautiful in a natural kind of way and that’s why I like them.. their colours offen reflect their profession for me.

      Necro is a lighter colour with a very dark background tone for its corruption, ele is very light blue because it’s going to be support +healing (blue for water), and the guardian is a yellow.

      Kind of weird I know but I like my character to kind of reflect what it does

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