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The people over at dragon season have been very busy of late transcribing all the details from a luncheon they attended with many of the Anet developers, here’s the first Page anyway. They discussed a lot of different issues and concerns regarding the game and it seems for once they weren’t as guarded with the words so there is a few juicy little morsels and bits that has also induced a bit of forum rage. Now as usually I don’t really care much for their talk on PvE, ill leave that stuff to the professionals, I’m just going to give a run down on the bits us murders might want to hear.

They’re wanting to improve guild functionality quite a bit, it is rather bare bones at the moment and although the main thing I think we want is just to be able to see each other any improvements they do make will be good.

No changes to commander book for god knows what reason. The questions asked focused more on how people are getting the commander book rather than the functionality of it but not changing it seems like the sentiment. The discussion focusing around attaining the book was interesting with a few ideas thrown around and the idea of a rating system for commanders being a good idea.

They once again hinted at the march “WvW” update that will be focusing on progression. Once again hearing their thought behind it and the emphasis on passive support type advancement.

Question about the ridiculous quantity required for WvW achievements. Dodged an answer in my opinion and talked more about recent changes to other achievements and such.. a maybe in there I think.

Ascended gear is still being worked on, with the focus being on how to implement it properly. Her’s an idea.. BADGES, of course then you have to lower the price of the exotic because if you were adding a price and comparing it to that I’m guessing ascended gear would be thousands of badges for each piece. Laurels were the fix for now as the dailies can be completed entirely while in WvW and you can gain things like rings, necks and such.

The lack of gaining wealth in WvW, ie gold was brought up and I honestly don’t know what his opinion is in regards to this. They want all areas to be rewarding but want players to experience all the areas. No recognition of its inherent money sink.

Brought up the siege despawn mechanics (30 minutes without being tagged) and cap and it comes down to saving on server bandwidth.. hmmmmm

This was a big part of the discussion that has elicited a lot of commenting so I thought I’d quote the whole bit

Colin: Well, that’s one that’s been around longer and we’ve been aware of that and working on fixing this for a while actually. We’re definitely gonna try to do a lot of stuff to address that and help drive people to be wanting to spread out more. I think personally one of the things I find playing WvW that’s an issue is I get a little group together and go try to take a keep, the second there is a certain number of people there, we’re like five, a little orange crossed swords pop up and the other team knows where I am. And so the zerg is able to take me out. And as an old DaoC player my favourite part of that was there were scouts, right? People were assigned as scouts to spread out all over the map and the scouts’ responsibility was to find what people went and report it back to different people and they would spread out and the little orange swords just ruin all of that on and so, basically, everybody knows where you are all the time if you try to do something.

And this leads on to the little nugget popping up that they want to expand the orange sword marker at 25 people. I’m sorry to say this to Colin, a person who should be in touch with the games mechanics but you are wrong. There’s a large discussion already but I thought I’d give my opinion here.

Firstly I think that most people are aware that this marker only counts the amount of people actively attacking and in combat, in fact it is 6 people before the marker shows up. Many times with our group running around of between 10 and 20 we often take keeps and towers without triggering swords, I know we aren’t the only ones doing this either. We have enough supply for 2 or 3 rams and without anyone attacking we can capture a tower or keep remarkable, quickly.

Now imagine the proposed 25 point and what people could get away with. Not just in the amount of siege but how much damage less then 25 the people can pile on a gate. I’ve seen groups this size slowly melt a gate without siege and now they can do this without alerting others and in tandem with siege.

It was discussed how it will encourage scouting and stuff and likened it to DAoC. I don’t see that comparison as very apt. It was much harder to capture points in DAoC, much harder so you actually had time to respond, the distance between points was huge in comparison too meaning without scouting you wouldn’t be able to make it before a defence could take place, and lastly there was pride involved, people owned keeps and it meant far more to them then losing a couple buffs, upgrades, and a flag.

Scouting in DAoC felt worthwhile, here it is pointless as there is no reward, no sense of ownership, and often enough the attackers have the advantage.. I don’t see this changing any time soon. But this was ok as the npcs and such were the ones providing this vital role for us so we didn’t have to at times (usually did as tier 1 people can be very sneeky), an alarm system in many ways that while able to be worked around it still alerted people to the bigger forces. The strategy had worked around it, and so I fail to see how this improves the strategies rather than diluting it.

Moving on there was a question about making WvW bigger [greater numbers] and they are once again limited by the game engine and server tech.

They will be moving the jumping puzzles out of the wvw maps in the future

And as we already knew from previous talks the limit on conditions, in particular a max bleed stack comes down to bandwidth and server issues.. again

Interview 2

Another interview from JeuxOnline which interviewed Mike Ferguson regarding WvW. The english version is on reddit. They actually asked some decent questions for a charge instead of the rather superficial, already known, or easily fobbed off ones we’re used too, not everything was answered but it’s still a decent read.

There was a long talk regarding the level of communication surrounding the population limits and how they were not wanting to discuss it.. Seriously, we were chanting this on the forums and we get no response. It is much better to own up to an issue then try to sweep it under the rug. And fundamentally changing these queues without telling the playerbase was quite bad, there was a a few threads regarding the drop in queues that had large effects throughout wvw including disproportionate numbers, queue bugs and a huge queue due to the reduced numbers yet you didn’t think to maybe say something.

If you were making drastic changes to how PvE or even spvp functions you would have most assuredly communicated this. there would have been at least a forum post, mayv, even an official one about it.. definitely a fracking tweet so I don’t know why your wvw playerbase deserves any less. You pride yourself on a certain amount standard of communication but WvW gets the PR blackout… Ridiculous as it certainly shows where your priorities lie.

I’m now thankful I know these things, the issues and sort of the direction and I’m sure others are as well, the communication regarding culling has been excellent and shows how easy it is to calm down a bad situation. Everyone knows it’s an issue and discuss it but we are content knowing about theoretical progress. ok, moving on before I rant even further.

The other issue that popped up in both these talks is the poor performance of the guild Wars 2 game engine. Map limits, coding issues, player numbers, server bottle necks, and issues with reporting to clients. It is very pervasive and is a massive amount of work to change for the couple of engineers even capable of doing the work. They built GW2 for the engine used in gw1 but that was a game with vastly different design directions regarding players. It was a game that got around a lot of its limitations by using heavy instancing but now it seems GW2 has inherited many of its vital flaws and I am really sceptical now about how much improvement we actually will see. While it really never effects the other sides of the game that much aside from the badly planned out Kharka event for me I see drastic map, asset, information and character limitations that is impeeding the growth and betterment of WvW. Many things that would truly be beneficial to WvW are right now, not a possibility. It is good that they are making efforts to recode and fix it rather than just bandaid additions but how long until we have decent culling fixes, and then considering the time that has gone into it so far, how long will we have to wait for other needed fixed whose issue is tied to the engine.

Ok so thats it for now. Hopefully we will get some official news regarding it all so maybe the bulk of the players actually have an incling of whats going on with Wuv Wuv