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Yes a completely silly gaming trope to link one’s birthday with leveling but it’s fun to do and it’s my birthday which means I can do ANYTHING I want.

So how have a faired over this year.

Social skills + 12. Spurned on by new game experiences, playing a lot with the guild again and getting involved with the Blogging community. I’m still antisocial at times and that will never change.

Teamwork +5. There gas been a lot of playing with others and coordination to the extreme. WvW in GW2 has been amazing for our guild.

Reflexes – 3. I have to say I’m still pretty good with reacting to things but it’s slowing I think, that could be that I game on a recliner though. I still get rather flustered when it’s intense but that’s normal.

Critical thinking + 7. Writing a lot more has definitely helped and I found myself thinking about games a bit differently then I was before, evaluating them more.

Physical fitness – 15 yep, thus one got
away from me somehow. Usually pretty good with getting out and being active but not this year. Lolly consumption has stayed the sane

Jaded gamer +2 there were some great games and experiences that I thoroughly enjoyed but there were many others as well as industry crap that brought me down.

Patience + 5. With the hubby once again being injured and without the use of his right arm for a while now he has been testing my patience a little and while I may be a bitch from time to time I still think I’m a good wifey. And it’s been nice looking after him instead of the other way round.

World experiences – 17. It’s been a sad year for getting out and about and seeing Brisbane, Australia, and the world. I love traveling and seeing new sights and I’ve sorely missed doing it.. Money problems ugggghhhhhhh

In other news the plans for world domination are still going well, the use of reality tv over the years has gone a bit haywire and as such lost a bit of its potency but in track for being leader of the not so free world by 2030.

I should also that I may be a bit quiet on the blog from now and untill next week as there will be birthday festivities involved and romantic endeavours.

I also have an assignment due that I have yet to start, It’s not an overly complex thing but will involve a bit of reading and is soooo utterly dull.

Ciao 4 now

Oh and for pressies just feel free to PayPal me wads of cash.. Ty in advance


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