GW2: a Frosty Reception and Forum Flaming

Aha, I’m back already. Not quite, I was just writing this on the bus so here you go. I am such a glorious and benevolent blogger

Ok, so Anet, when everyone complained about missing out on the Kharka and Halloween events we didn’t infer that the pace of updates should be able to be compared to glacial movements. When you had plans to continue on with growing a living world I was honestly exciting and seeing these new additions to the world had me imagining many things. Well one month on now and I had conpletely forgotten about it and here is the next update.

Haha fooled you, nope not bitching again so sarcasm off… for now. I just want to say that this living story approach with ongoing changes is actually a rather interesting approach as rather then the holiday event it is focused on more of the world. The Kharka event was the first big change and this seems to be ramping up to be the second and it has me excited about what’s to come.

While the pace is an infinite amount better then the previous one, this is a bit slow for my liking. I think though that this is finally giving a bit of the live team some well needed rest and relaxation, there has been a cracking pace of PvE content added and working at that level for too long is bound to cause mistakes. It has been a good month for them to break as well as no one has to worry about the postponed WvW patch and there aren’t any events needing a constant watch.

By now I’m guessing that the pre development plans for content are near wrapping up so this gives a good time to sit back, evaluate and plan for the future. There is always a lot to do and it would be hard to shake off that feeling like you should be constantly cramming new content down our throats but developing a great plan is essential. Sounds like they already have some new ideas too, a new nemesis and a progression of the personal story (which I still haven’t finished), I’m hoping Trahearne has been a bad weed and I can slap him around a little although we’re probably not that lucky.

I’m guessing we’re not getting a new nap just yet as that must be rather resource heavy but I’m hoping the changes in Wayfarer Foothills and Diseau Plateau add something ongoing to these zones that persist after the event and are meaningful to higher lvl players. Underground caverns would be pretty cool, or maybe even a new area boss.

There has also been a lot of iteration on the content across zones and in dungeons. Many dungeon bosses are getting reworked, and OMG a waypoint in Twilight Arbour now which may entice me back into getting those nightmare runes I’m wanting. Also the new loot rules seem to be doing there magic and getting a lot of people enjoying the big area boss battles, so many in fact that people have been reporting some serious lag that we usually only encounter in Wuv Wuv in those 3 way keep defences… Oops. I think this will die down after a while as people get bored or get what they wanted, also making only once a day to loot the chest will keep the numbers down a little. People are still farming them of course but most don’t have the time and multiple alts to do it constantly.

And now some other random thoughts

That big WvW change is in and from the point of a Tier 1 server I still think it’s shit. Maybe I need to stop being a care bear, LtP like the forum warriors are spouting and sit at an empty keep for the only couple hours I get each night to play.. Sounds like a recipe for retention.

Sorry Nero’s, pets and life leaching are still terrible

Lots of qq about guild missions where they were on the unlock tree and how much they cost, well it was as always going to be something regardless

We shall see if spvp gets any more popular under this new streamlined system. Hmm are new players still getting creamed in hot join. Thinking that they should probably divide them by rank with an ability to join friends matches… Maybe not that but something.

Dailies seem pretty awesome as they give people a quick easy achievable goal and the new change adds a lot more choice to it. I have completed less then half this month though as I’m just too damn forgetful, thinking of spending it on lots of dye too.

More gambling boxes.

Quite a few balance changes and… OMG THE META IS.. still the same.

Trading post preview is pretty cool and I have been looking at all the amazing skins. I still like my princess wand (scepter) and bottle of booze (focus) but just want a nice but not stereotypical staff

Makes me wish there was at least half the amount of choice and attention to detail for clothing that weapons have.

And OMG actual red post in the WvW forums, which posted that the new world (wvw) exp will not be retroactive and new stat gear selections incoming to badge vendors, probably not Ascended for awhile though.


2 thoughts on “GW2: a Frosty Reception and Forum Flaming

  1. The new update does seem to have made a few improvements. I hope such improvements keep on coming. If I’m being honest, I’m not too keen on the new structure of the dailies; while it may seem to offer more choice I dislike how some of them are PVP or story based, things that I would prefer to do at my own pace – I admit I’ve always enjoyed Guild Wars more for PVE and dungeons. I’m also not keen on the fact that so many are area specific or require you to be so far progressed in the game whereas before I could fit doing the daily in alongside other tasks (I’ve heard people saying that perhaps casual gamers will not be so keen on the new structure.) While I think dailies are a good idea, I don’t want them to take up too much of my playing session in the limited time I already have. In the future my main desire is to see better balancing and more options for each class. Good to see they are working on it, but more still needs to be done.

    • huh, i always thought that the new format had a nice mix of milestones that suits every playstyle, yesterday’s was a bit poor but the rest have been decent, maybe they need to expand the number of options a little. Some of them definitely need to be a little bit retuned though as the amount they are asking are a bit much, I think they will find a balance later down the road.

      And yeh if they keep improving at the basics and expanding the content style they could have a solid product… although that will be a while

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