Two Sides to Every Death

I have no idea why but it was immensely satisfying seeing the guild and I completely running rampant on an enemies twitch stream the other night, and nothing but prode everytime we heard them say our guild name. Respect from one’s enemy is often worth more then respect from a colleague.

spurned on by this a fellow Necro in the guild uploaded a few videos from our side of combat from that exact night. It was very interesting to see the same battles from 2 different sides.

Be Warned

they contain some rather …. vulgar language at times, usually just lots of the f word and thankfull they missed the more crude responses that although very very amusing would very much offend people.


4 thoughts on “Two Sides to Every Death

  1. Totally.. well not totally.. but mostly.. man.. I wish my WvW looked like that. I’m mostly stuck at 4-6 fps on the lowest possible settings. I wonder how much better I’d do if I could actually see….

    • aww that’s a shame since wvw is a lot of fun but if i had fps like that it would really frustrate me.

      It definitely helps to have a better computer for it… i don’t think the minimum specs even come close to what you need for it. In the March WvW patch they are bringing in their culling changes (hopefully), it will have a lot more options for the user so maybe turning down things like draw distance and culling less people will help you.

      Sometimes it’s very much a server side issue as well so this patch may improve things regardless

      • Yeah I’m hoping that will make things better for me. Hoping there is something to turn down effects as well (I have epic fps in all the big groups events in PvE as well :P) I also wish invaders’ names would disappear or go grey or something when they’re dead. The only thing I can do with such bad fps is just lay down aoe or marks anywhere I see red names. Sometimes I’m probably doing that over dead people. ^^

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