The New Shiny: Black Desert

Ever since I read a poor review by a player about Archeage the other week I’ve been a bit half-hearted on it. It seems like it has many amazing systems but that many of them really aren’t polished enough yet or well thought out.

I like to focus on PvP.. the housing system is amazing and I’m very excited for it as well but if there isn’t a decent PvP system in the game I really don’t see it being that long term for me. At the moment the territorial combat on the 3rd continent is very much a work in progress.. the combat systems with an abundance of burst and cc seems rather unsuited to PvP, and to top that off the outlaw system has, from what this player says, all risk and no reward which is really disconcerting. I’m still definitely giving it a go but my enthusiasm and expectations have been lowered, although maybe that could be a good thing.

I always like to have a back up game to drool over in an unrealistic way and since Darkfall is still a complete unknown I went scouting around the net and Black Desert may just be what I was looking for.


Ok so let’s look at the basics of why I’m excited.

It has a seamless open world that can be traversed from end to end without loading times which will make it feel far less constrained. There is an amazing sounding housing system in this world too and while you cannot build houses there are many throughout the world, in cities and towns that are non instanced and completely seamless as well. A few pictures I saw involved a person waving to their friend outside from a window inside the house… AWESOME!

There is a full decorating system in place and not just a limited number of hooks. You can also turn your house into a shop by fitting it out with counters, items to buy and sell as well as NPC’s to do the work and have your house completely open to the public. You can buy these houses as well as rent them from other players however there is a limited supply so they are going to be very sought over. I actually think the limited supply is a great thing as it may bring players and guilds back into cities and towns which would make them feel more alive. They may even be a good foundation for mini communities flourishing within these towns.. knowing your neighbour, chat to people at the local drinking hole or crafting station.. just general socialising

black desert

It might have a decent economy as it has comprehensive crafting and farming but whether or not it is a pale imitation like most mmo’s is unknown as It seems like it contains the whole dungeon uber bind on equip gear.

The trading system seems rather unique, the different areas are specialised in what resources they have and what you can craft so there might be a bit of money to be made in transporting them between areas. I really want this to have a system like Silk Road as well where you can raid caravans or enlist as a guard as that would be a fun side game. By the look of the video above there were a number of people chasing what looked like a supply wagon so it’s a possibility.

Combat looks great and tactile, it is aiming to be more action orientated with real-time block, dodge and with skills being positional as well as aimed. Should be awesome if they can pull it off as it sounds a bit like Tera which I really enjoyed. It has a class of based system with classes including Fighter, Magician, Archer, Predator, Tamer, Blade, Valkyrie, and Maybe some kind of wizard. Originally it was intended to be a gender locked system but they are broadening it although it may still be restricted by race

There are a collection of different mounts on game ranging from horses, donkeys, camels, and freakin war elephants.. Wooo. They look and handle really well and it seems that there is combat from horseback as well. They have said they were inspired by the game Red Dead Redemption and it seems they pulled it off, they went a bit further though and have horse drifting, yes…. Horse…. Drifting. Looks ridiculous but also like a lot of fun.

There is a planned territorial warfare system with castle sieging and all that. Owning a keep let’s you set the taxes for the area around which I guess would include the housing and shop system. It’s interesting in a way like this, it will be much harder for people to leave one home for another as supply is limited but the owner wouldn’t want to set taxes too high as people will leave and then you’re getting nothing.

The cannon system is different compared to other games, players are not just shooting siege but have to manually load, move, and aim in regards to angle. There looked to be a large number of layer models on the screen and performance was reasonable. The big castles do look very imposing and fun to siege.

black desert canon

The PvP in the game is a bit of an unknown at the moment, it is probably going to have some form of it but they are very unceratin. One such quote is

“PK is possible but we are still discussing on how much of it we will allow. We think that it should be just right so that players don’t leave the game because of too much PK. We are also considering making PK available during guild wars, so other players can PK other players who are in GvG. It is still too early us to decide.”

I like the GvG system i experienced in Tera as it was a truly wonderful way to create conflict without the pk problem getting out of hand but it really needs to be thought about first. Ooh and if it’s GvG safe zones need to be more limited and not allow people to safe zone hump as that stuff kills pvp.

Another PvP quote

Usually there is a chance to drop items when a player dies, though items that are binded on the character won’t drop. We think that players losing a hard earned bind on pick up item will be too frustrating so we decided to go with this kind of system.

Sounds like a decent compromise for meaningful pvp without making people rage.

Questing is probably going to be standard fare, but then what mmo is any different. One interesting twist is that players will continuously be building relationships between NPC and at certain levels they will allow special items to be purchased, quests, special areas and even offer to accompany you on your travels. There is a trade off though as the npc’s have certain positive and negative relationships with each other, helping one who is unliked by another will make you lose standing with them. Might be your standard wow dailies but I’m expecting more.

There are instanced as well as open to world dungeons, which I’m guessing are part of getting uber gear.

black desert 3

Oh and did I mention it looks absolutely stunning… looks can of course be deceiving and if you watch the video closely you can see a number of issues with the engine such as clipping, stuttering, and what looks like some problems with performance during the large scale battle but still it is looking amazing for an in-house developed engine. I’m loving the renaissance feel to the game world as well as it has a certain charm about it and feels like a place you would want to live and not just consume and forget.

There is also going to be a weather system with many zones having their own individual style. One discussion was if it gets colder in an area that it would start to snow. Now weather effects are easy to program but whether or not it is more dynamic is the question.. will it feel like timed events or be more random.

Well I think that wraps up most of it. For more information you can watch either the Black Desert Facebook page which I find rather annoying or a great mmo site called Steparu which it seems focuses on Asian mmo’s and is where I got a lot of information as well as where I yanked these photos from.

10 thoughts on “The New Shiny: Black Desert

    • i love and hate them at the same time.. and gui;d wars seems to be no exception that. I really think they bring a lot to gaming even though most gamers look at mmo’s with a condescending sneer

      they can be a lot more then they are and hopefully the new generation of them, like Black desert will be more social and about living worlds.

      Thanks for commenting.. nice blog you have started there too =)

      • I know exactly what you mean, the pros and cons are both considerable. I’ve always hoped to find a good community as well, as most of my friends don’t play a lot of games and certainly not a lot of MMOs. If the focused is moved more to the social side, as you say, I can see myself getting into MMOs in a big way.
        No thank you!

      • yes, finding a good community that suits your playstyle and personailty can be rather hard. The only suggestion I would say is go for a muti-game guild as those are more long lasting and you get the chance to know people over multiple games… including non mmo ones.

        takes a while but keep at it

  1. The game visually does look stunning. The combat though.. meh.. looks too fighterish. :/ Maybe I could get over that for the pretty surroundings, dunno! ^^

    As far as multi-gaming guilds go. It can be a good suggestion, but they do have to be quite large. If they’re not large enough, they become splintered, with too few people in each game to actually support a community in each.

    • the fighterish combat is what actually has me even more excited, if combat is good then questing feels a lot better than the standard grind..

      I also liked Tera’s combat ( I know other people hated it) and if Tera had the features black desert has I would still be there.

  2. Man, a trading system like in Silkroad would be amazing, as you mentioned. You know what? I just saw this MMO today the first time in a trailer, and when I saw the video I had this “strange feeling”… that I’ll probably get to see something alike to Silkroad Online. And then I saw it in the trailer: a carriage and some horseriders next to it. Look here at minute 3:19 and you can see something that might be a trading system in fact. Oh my I don’t know if I want to find this good or bad, recalling how much time I wasted on Silkroad… but damn… a trading system would be awesome!

      • Wow, that looked a little painful. I don’t see think the have the right balance for the trade in Archeage yet. I don’t believe that the zones have specialities in resources and crafted items to fully realised it like Black Desert although it could be interesting. 

        There seems to be a better dynamic happening at sea in Archeage, the third continent doesn’t have any complex crafting benches so a lot of things will be transferred there leaving it a lucrative activity. There has been a lot of it going on in the Korean version, enough for people to warrant people up contracts to protect them. 

        The pirate faction isn’t as developed though which may hinder it. Currently if you go that way you lose access to all faction quests and cities. The pirate island has a few npcs and shops but it would be a very limited experience… Great risk to little reward atm

        Silk road was pretty amazing for its time, I didn’t get to high and stopped due to study but what was there was fun and I hope Black Desert can tap into some of that feel. 

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