The End is Nigh

For culling that is, the bane of every PvP’er who ventures into WvW has finally been banished by the handfull of Arenanet developers capable of delving matrix style into the code that is Guild Wars 2. This was one of my new years Wishes, in fact it was my number one as it really does ruin that epic feeling of WvW when you can barely see the people around you. It was a critical failure and ruined the fun of a lot of players. To be honest I am actually rather surprised to see this change that is going to be implemented with the March update as it was a big sweeping change on the game code and how character models are handled.

The culling update sounds like it contains the basic options we have been asking for

  • 3 ways of presenting character models – High res, Low Res, Nameplates
  • Character Limit – How you want to cull characters
  • Character Quality – How many pretty people you want to see

Believe it when I see it…Literally

The PvE world has felt this pinch lately and they may benefit from this a lot but I don’t think this is going to fix the big issue people are having right now , which is easily experienced during any of these “Lagon” events. regardless of how many people you can see combat will feel rather slugish, many abilities are taking several seconds to activate if they do at all. A garrison fight last night in the borderlands ended up in exactly this circumstance, and it is not that fun to be in. It’s a nice warning system in many ways at the moment when we are running around as a small group as the entire game kind of slows when the enemy zerg is incoming. One guildy is even able experience time dilation as the entire game completely slows or sits at a stand still, it’s rather funny as we will be calling out actions in TeamSpeak and  none of it is happening on his screen and for us his character is frozen. At the end of some battles he has no input on whether he lives or dies and that can’t be a good experience.

I don’t know whether this culling update will also fix this as they both seem like there is a bottleneck somewhere in the servers and/or game engine.. will their changes in culling also help the skill lag. One other question as well though, WHY do we have to wait for such a critical fix. This isn’t content or an addition to a story that needs to be timed, and tested this is something that needs to be in as soon as possible. I’m actually surprised they haven’t tested anything regarding these new client side options because as they should know by now is that everything performs differently under the stress of real players.

See you on the Battlefield.. and that may actually be true in the future (or at least a standard model for you anyway)

*EDIT* this will only be available in WvW fir the moment with PvE changes much later in the year. Problems with the diversity of mobs.
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