Updates for New Eden

The new update is incoming to Firefall on the 22nd of March and once again they’re planning some huge changes across quite a few systems. During the Firefall Live they talked about a brand new revamp to the progression system, battleframes, and crafting that will be a part of their roadmap towards the future, this being one of the major milestones.

They talked about converting all current crystite and resources into something called beta cyrstite which you will then be able to purchase certain rewards from a new special vendor. This of course has made a few long term people a little unhappy considering the amount of effort that goes into finding and thumping large quantities of the more rarer resources. I don’t know what the conversion rate will be for certain resources or what rewards will be available but this is definitely rather huge.

For the Battleframes all crafted gear will be wiped, gone.. Pooof. This is to make way for the new system which they outlined in a recent blog post. Firstly while the different categories will remain for the Battleframe the variations on that model will be more of a flat access instead the current model where you unlock new more powerful suits. Each Battleframe will have more of a specialisation now when it comes to abilities and direction then before with three paths for specialisation  these are Mass (speed and survivability), Power (damage), and cores (special abilities). The also want the different frames to feel more unique then before and are adding new abilities to use for these battleframes that we have yet to see.

At first unlocks will only take experience to unlock and then later on tapering into experience plus a certain resource type unique to that frame. Overall it looks like this will provide players with greater flexibility surrounding which suits they are going to use and upgrade. Oh and you should probably get unlocking all the suits now as your unlocks will most likely remain after the patch.

The garage slot for these Battleframes are now changing as well. Firstly you can purchase new frames either buy buying them with red beans or tokens, the tokens which will be gained as you progress through frames by spending exp. When you buy a Battleframe you will automatically get a slot for both PvE and PvP, if you bought a garage slot with red beans prior to this you will be refunded the cost.

Crafting is getting a rework as well but there aren’t many details on it quite yet. Crafting will now revolve around certain tech trees with all the crafting recipes initially available for everyone to craft, and god news is that there will be no wipe for items you have already crafted such as thumpers, ammo packs and such.

I think this may actually revitalize my interest in the game a little. I haven’t played in a few weeks now as even though I have many more avenues for progression by unlocking other frames and such i had already felt like I had “completed” Firefall, that may sound weird but as it was there really wasn’t much involved in the game. It is still fun when I do just to get a bit of an exploration kick but other then that I was done. This new system is enough for me to want to see it and with the way the increase in accessibility of the different Battleframes i see myself maybe even buying a couple frames to get a quick easy access to different playstyles.

The one thing that is still missing though is content but I actually think they are doing the better thing and focusing on the nuts and bolts first. Getting the game and that sense of progression perfect before an eventual release is paramount, and for me, I would actually leave the bulk of content until after release just so everyone who plays enjoys that sense of novelty together, with this extended beta (maybe alpha) times we have completely exhausted what we have, it wouldn’t be too long before anything extra would become exhausted. I know it leaves all the current and longstanding players a bit bored it will ensure a better release.

Also the the Pve/ PvP split will be happening as well.. WOOOOOO. Time for some more murdering