WvW Update and Other PvP Stuffz

Well the new update is nearly here and a blog post has surfaced regarding the progression system that is incoming. As usually the forums erupted into good natured debate regarding the contents and many weren’t pleased with it. There is calls of this somehow promoting zerging of all things. Sure it doesn’t hinder them at all but i hardly think it promotes them even more then the current mechanics. Now the zerg will be getting plenty of WvW Exp, or as one redditor pronounced, Wex Pee. It changes absolutely nothing.

But then that is also a problem in many ways, there is nothing really that substantial in this WvW patch that could change how people play or the goals they have. I can’t help wanting more than..

gw2 ranks

So being better at killing the npc’s was there big planned change for WvW then? I just don’t understand. I was expecting a fleshed out progression system of varying ranks with passives and abilities mixed within a tech tree of sorts. If I was designing it it would have been it’s own trait line added where you could pick and choose traits.. maybe even unlocking a couple of unique utilities. What we are getting seems very basic. I was also expecting some new gear available with different stat choices and maybe even new armor types but I guess not as well.

The one thing I’m wondering is if these new ranks, unlocks and such will be just as inflated in their price as the rest of the already implemented stuff (achievements and token vendor), is this one of their your meant to take a year or more type achievements.

The culling fix is going to be a huge change in the way people do battle now.. hopefully as it will require far less bandwidth, and processing power to see what is truly happening around you. It is an entirely different issue then the lag though that happens in big fights and sporadically through the week so maybe that will be the next big architecture change.

In other PvP news custom arenas have a fair few options.. although soon #TM

Prominent ex pro player blasts spvp community for not helping more

A PvP survey that neglects the other PvP happening that also seems to be more popular. As to the last question, you know what they DO need.. to make SpvP more cohesive with the rest of the game. Let people earn gold and exp and let them wear the outfits they have earned

GvG in WvW (don’t you just love acronyms) has been rather popular lately and there is quite a few matches on youtube.. have a gander. This one was rather amusing

A GW2 Necromancer podcast

oh and one of those State of the PvP games thingies happened where the ramble on about stuff for crazy long amounts of time. TLDR,

  • New map is deccent,
  • pros hating on making it more accessible via free tournies,
  • misguided belief that custom arenas will take over hot join (sorry but only “pros will shell out for their own server),
  • ele is still apparently ok in Anet’s eyes,
  • engis getting a buff,
  • guardians are balanced (I actually think they are but other classes need to get the same amount of diversity),
  • Mesmers need more strong options in their utilities,
  • Necro’s have good build diversity (SERIOUSLY!!.. GRRRRR),
  • ranger getting some weapons fixed,
  • stealth nerf (automatic reveal debuff regardless),
  • pets getting buffed (ranger, necro, clones),
  • more boon removal
  • pros want more distinction between them and noobs that just grind hot join.

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