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Scray Worlds has taken up the call for Developer Appreciation Week, I can’t say I’ve heard of it before but it sounds like a great idea to thank those who have created such wonderful gaming experiences. And to pay him a little homage as well I’ll take the reigns off the profanity filter a little, but don’t worry as I won’t be talking about male appendages.

I may bitch a lot about games… I really do but at the end of the day I love them all, even the terrible ones as they always seem to give me a valuable experience in regards to themes, concepts, pure awesome graphical prowess, and learning gaming mechanics. I wouldn’t be writing about the bad and the good if I wasn’t hopelessly enamored with them.
Now games don’t just magically appear based on the wishes of us mere mortals, if that was so I would have an awesome successor to the command and conquer series and I’m guessing we all would have an mmo we can get lost in. They come from the many people working (more like slaving) in the gaming industry for shit pay and even shitter conditions. These sort of things include long hours, crunch times, deadlines,and heinous managers and publishers constantly pressuring you for every last drop. We read the news pieces and unedited scraps that get through the pr curtain and even though we may not voice our dissent as often as we should we still thank you for putting up with it and enriching our lives.

It is also your unparalleled dedication and passion to make all this happen, you don’t do it for the money becasue lets face it the money isn’t great for the amount of work you put in and the shit you have to put up with. You do it because you love games more then us, you love everything about them and you want to share that passion with everyone. That passion is a hard thing to come by and is so easily lost so hold that dear to you and thank you for sharing it.

I also want to thank developers like Mark Jacobs who even though comes off a little (sometimes a lot) crazy, has a surprising candid nature of discussion that let’s us feel like a part of the discussion and not some intruder whom is entirely unwelcome. It is unbelievably amazing to feel like you are a part of the discussion, that you and your opinion is being valued.

Also, screw those naysayers dream big, dream often and always share your vision as it makes us dream with you.. Dream of amazing mechanics, content, and creations. Dream of greater things then the stale iterations we are constantly getting because I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of this when it’s ready bulshit, the awkward silence and media blackouts. We want to hear about everything in order to have our expectations.. our imaginations will hype a game far more then anything you can come up.

So what if you fail spectacular and you probably will very often as even if you did everything perfectly there would still be bitching terribly about how awful this new mechanics is and how moronic the developers are… This is the internet after all. Honest and Straight forward communication will always win you more friends then enemies in the long run so that even if your game flops you’ll have people waiting for the next one. The one thing that annoys me more then these failures is that fuckin silence, so try..for everyone else out there who although will be disappointed by not achieving these visions will also be thankful for being apart of it. So thank to developers like Mark Jacobs that aren’t afraid to share their vision with us, regardless of whether or not the internet will be… well the internet.

I’m so terrible annoyed that these devs get bogged down by the assholes of the world who want to rant on their soapbox. I know it’s hard to move through that, I have even been apart of voicing dissent form time to time but whats important to know is that we really do think you are absolutely brilliant.. what’s that saying.. you hurt the ones you love.. We’re to lazy and illiterate with these complex computer languages and programs you use and here you are.. freekin genius’s, god’s among us mere mortals who create delightful things to fuel our experience machines.

So a big heart felt thank you from one of your untalented fans.  Oh and Mark.. keep being awesome


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  1. Actually, the game developer is “Mark Jacobs”. “Marc Jacobs” is a fashion designer.

    But, yeah, Mark is pretty awesome. When I had dinner with him some years back, we both agreed that neither of us were as bad as our reputations had been built up to be. 🙂

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