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There has been a few gaming things really interesting me lately

Yep the new battlefield.. I really only played Battlefield 3 during that beta they were handing out and for some reason it didn’t appeal to me as much. I usually enjoy a bit of shooty but this passed me bye, we were a bit broke at the time so that was a big reason. I did end up playing some of the campaign  and was so bored with it that I never even looked back, this time though it’s holding some of my attention so far.

Firstly you can’t argue with the purty appeal. The part that grabbed me the most though was that end combat experience and the utilisation of destructible environments. It makes it look like the levels are more far more open to interpretation about how you complete segments of it and that is amazing, and that part looked very open as well. The suppressive fire mechanic seems like it may provide a bit of tactical play as well.. makes me wonder what other orders there are. Anyway, If the greater sense of destruction can translate even more to the multiplayer section (which was rather excellent before too) then I’m sold.

Also.. he opened the door all by himself.. that’s some impressive tech right there

Ok so this just looks georgous with a beautiful atmosphere

The new game from Double fine.. how could I not. It looks very luscious and to have a rather rich story.

Space Hulk in all it’s electronic glory. I played the board game version of this with my cousins intently for many years, that and Heroquest kept us very entertained. Such a great foundation of a game that we ended up developing our own scenarios for it all always having a lot of fun. I usually ended up being the DM in the games as I had always ended up memorising the rulebooks and being the bad team was always more fun. The best thing though is that this will have a level editor and modding tools so everyone can enjoy and create within the awesome that is Space Hulk

I know nothing about the new Bungie mmo but the characters certainly look impressive


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    • from what I’ve seen and read it looks truly amazing.. even if it’s own campaign is terrible I think we can trust the community to create compelling experiences within the framework.

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