#DAW Developing for the other Demographic

I don’t often talk about gendered issues in gaming much on my blog as I prefer not to be as political, also I have no where near the capabilities of some to succinctly argue the point so best really to just leave it to the professionals. This time though I thought I would give a bit of a shout out… it seems kind of right in a way to thank those whose work I appreciate more then any other. Yes that is a bit trite in a way… a female gamer appreciating female developers but whatever.

And I really do appreciate their work more then others because at times it seems like they are under appreciated for their incredible work. It is undeniable harder then there male colleagues most of the time; having your ideas taking as seriously requires a lot more effort and then if you attempt to take a little of that deserved appreciation or dismiss another’s all those stereotyped responses seem to crop up… not to mention that you are still payed less for equal work. Have a look at #1reasonwhy some time if you haven’t and you may understand a fraction.

The changes to the gaming demographic has been immense in the last few years and it is amazing to see it but progress is still slow within the industry, it is obvious why to anyone who can think critically about the environment. It is getting a lot better because of the many women pioneering the field, who’s tireless efforts and boundless strength of character enable them to succeed and make it a little easier for the next generation. It may not look like it since every week we seem to hear about more sexism and misogyny but it really is.. a few years ago people didn’t even notice that anything was wrong or speak out about it if they did, now woman are feeling empowered enough to have their voices heard and many are taking notice.

Now thanking them this isn’t just some feminist agenda of mine to solely get bodies in the industry and further the feminist goals and aims, and removal of the boobs men so crave.. far from it. It is more that having women provides us with sooo much more. A greater sense of diversity in the themes we experience, the stories we watch, the depth of characters we enjoy, the worlds we explore, and just the new ideas that now proliferate the games we enjoy.

It’s hard to even imagine a gaming industry without women as we really would miss out on so much. Would we still have gotten Journey? Would the amazing design that is the Sylvari still have happened or would we only have gotten tree elves once again? Would the many characters I have loved somehow be compromised without the feminine voice being part of the discussion? Overall it is just an enrichment of gaming that I wouldn’t want to do without. Who would? And if somehow we can make this gaming environment more inclusive and have more diversity in these experiences then I’m all for it.

Now this is all not to say that there aren’t great male developers out there making fantastic games because there are plenty but more to say I thank those who invariable have a harder time in the gaming industry and without whom there would be a huge part missing even if some out there think differently.

3 thoughts on “#DAW Developing for the other Demographic

  1. “Yes that is a bit trite in a way… a female gamer appreciating female developers but whatever.”

    I don’t think that’s trite! Giving a shoutout to women who are doing awesome things in game development is a lovely positive thing to do. 🙂 Nice post.

    • I just wish I had a better memory for names. Can never remember who has done what, and who is worthy of mentioning. Thinking I might have to devote a Page out of my notebook.

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