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Who ever designed this bit trip wonderland is an absolute genius.. Like serious genius. I’ve played quite a few of those old 2d platform’s where they have tried to transform into a 3d world to appease a new generation and have been utterly terrible. Too many bad design choices and mechanics, overdone visuals, and something which comes down to just pandering to nostalgia without having any soul. Yet this is actually well designed and dare I say, fun. A blast to the past

Gw2 super adventure town

The layout of the zones and world is linear but still open enough that there are multiple paths to traverse it at many parts and a lot of the fun to these worlds is poking into every little corner of the world to find hidden shiny things and bee dogs…yes bee dogs that are entirely adorable but deadly. There is a lot of hidden complexity in this new world hardwired into it. A collection of awesome chests in each area snuggled up into their own private areas, shortcut areas, hidden mini bosses, and even an intricate weave of digging sites that is essentially like going on a treasure hunt. It is all just lovingly crafted.

The mechanics are the simplistic elements that are easy to use which is great in that everyone will be able to use these well enough, no level requirements either. There are also a few upgrades you an purchase during your travels or in return visits that can help you immensely as you progress through the world, some of them do indeed require a lot of the currency and will be something you work towards( like agony) in order to better at it. I can see myself eventually aiming for the slingshot and bombs as a side project. The complexity comes from pulling off these various attacks which are sometimes rather hard to pull off correctly. In a 2d world with these certain attacks they are much easier to judge for distance but here it is much harder and your hearts rely on it, a badly timed swing or movement means losing one or more.

Gw2 devil frog

It all reminded me of Alex the kid, that awesome game which I spent countless hours at a friends place playing. I swear if I had to do a rock paper scissors battle I would have fainted from the pure awesome. I think everyone who has played games from last decade and beyond would have fits of nostalgia as the world pays homage to many different games as well as just being of that general feel that it pulls heartstrings by design, yet at the same time it is somehow it’s own game

Unfortunately with the games I’m used to now there is something grating about it in which I just cannot get over and means I don’t want to have long sessions of it. In this age of delicious visuals and amazing aesthetics or environments something this bright, vibrant, and blocky overloads my grey matter.. I can handle Minecraft easily as it is more muted, or even see it all on a 2d plain but this is just too much after a time. I will however be very comfortable popping in now and then to get my fix and maybe slowly work on getting a fancy item.

But then that isn’t really possible now is it as this new addition will only be able available for one month. I don’t understand why though, the other holiday events were just simple jumping things and games but this seems like an extensive bit of content. It has also brought a lot of people back into one if the beautiful racial cities, something they have been aiming to do for a while now. So really, the question now is why waste that.
Gw2 Rata Sum rowds

It would be absolutely perfect for it to have a permanent position in Rata Sum. A new mini game for everyone to enjoy in some down time or a change of pace, that way people who don’t want to burn out on bytes can take their time progressing through it. Coming back now and then in their own time or maybe as a special guild thing or just with friends. It just is very much a wasteful thing to throw this away for another year as it enriches the world and experiences available in Guild Wars 2. It can and should be a big part of their world building goals instead of a mere limited time holiday event. Then, after this they can add to the other cities. I’m guessing farming in The Grove, sideshow alley in Divinities Reach, and some sort of Colosseum of death in the Black Citadel (although a world of steampunk tanks rip-off would be rather awesome).. And I’d probably play all those from time to time.

The PvP’er in me has to ask though how they have time to design such an expansive mini world, full of varying mechanics, a new aesthetic and such and yet we get a the barest of progression. Culling was amazing but that seems more like a game world fix instead of just consuming our share of the developers time… hmm pixelated world was probably worth it this time though

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  1. IMHO the reason SAB will not stay for more than one month is because it will get old fast; at this age people get bored too much fast and will want something new; anyway, there are some NPC talking to Moto (look what is happening at Rata Sum) for get that box thecnology, so we can imagine that box will reaper at other events, but problably with a diferent dungeon or worse consequences (I can guess what some groups can do with solid hologram thecnology);

    With relation to WvW, the end of culling affected the pvp a lot, now it is easier to know when a zerg is coming at your direction. Tatics and strategies changed, for better. However, IMHO, it was not simple to substitute the culling system at WvW, I can guess they had to change a lot of code lines and the basic game system.

    Finally, the Flame and Frost living story will continue at the end of april. So, there are one more patch coming this month.

    • Everyone will indeed get bored of any and all content eventually, that us just part of the cycle. But you can’t say that after a month or more people wouldn’t want to have another go just for fun.
      I liken it very much to kegball in the Norn Area, that got old extremely quickly yet it fleshed out the world and cities just a little more. Even if I don’t play it at all I wouldn’t want to lose in case one day I get the hankering for it. Also if it adds a handful more people visiting the racial cities each day then it is invaluable.

      I just don’t like there fire and forget design practice at the moment. They implement new mechanics and such then move on to the next bit. Sure it’s ok for giants like blizzard to make random events for a short part of the year but, to me a new mmo should be focusing on the core experience and think long term elements not short term additions.

      Yes culling was an absolutely HUGE change for the better. Combat feels beter and the meta is starting to evolve once more. My comment was more to say that it isn’t really content. It’s brilliant but not as tangible as say.. Actual wvw gear would be, or a new borderlands map.

      No complaints from me about the living story except that maybe I would prefer some of them less instanced. They way the slowly evolve is actually interesting and the story elements aren’t to bad either

  2. I own GW2 but kind of wandered off after an hour or two of playing it. (Just not my thing.) Reading about the SAB is the first time I’ve had the urge to reinstall the game and give it a whirl.

  3. The advantage SAB in GW2 has is that you have no prior expectations. I know that I loved the older Castlevania games, but the new 3D games just left me completely cold because they couldn’t live up to my expectations.

    There’s just enough homages in this game to make it seem familiar without people going, “Oh, this game just isn’t as good as the older version!” For me SAB evokes fond memories of The Legend of Zelda, but it’s different enough that I don’t compare it to that game continually like I would if it were a proper “sequel”.

    • Yeh exactly, it’s very well done. They were able to have enough famisrity to classics without it evoking critical comparisons or being regarded as a joke.

      I think this is because it really doesn’t copy any standard tropes beyond a general style and aesthetic. It’s very much it’s own game by itself. I’m guessing a lot of people would pay for an ios/android version right about now.

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