Falling Interest in Firefall

Soo umm… I don’t really like Firefall much anymore.. oops, sorry for recommending.

The huge changes have been in for a couple weeks now but I hadn’t got around to playing as it has been a busy week and well, killing people has been too much fun in GW2 without culling. I popped in, perused the systems, played around with different battleframes, did a bit of combat, some thumping.. just generally tried out everything I could and it seems like it has gone backwards in many areas.

The new progression system seems very simplistic yet very very limiting. I had completely upgraded the dragonfly frame before and was having a lot of fun with it, it was a very enjoyable class to play. This..this i don’t know. The way they have designed this new menu is just plain aweful, it’s blocky, and black, and overly simplistic yet obscures important information. Shoot the person who designed this and put back in the old one.

Firefall progression menu

In case you haven’t heard the tech tress are now split into three different types, Mass, power, and cores that are each improving your suit in a certain defined way. You continually upgrade hre and nothing else. The way these upgrades interplay with other systems is that certain weapons and mods require these upgraded types but this makes these upgrades rather pointless if all they’re doing is adding stats.

The progression seems like it lacks the specialisation that it did before now. It doesn’t seems to have the diverse collection of weapons you can work towards, or the options in how you build you battleframe. In the old tech tree I could see at a glance where I wanted to upgrade and progress to and after unlocking a certain option I knew what I could do from there. This version is far more unintuitive now as things aren’t being explained as well.. I really don’t understand what these upgrades are doing. It’s just very vague.

I may be missing a lot here because for some reason I’m locked out of progressing in many many ways. Every part beyond a point is locked out by an inane resource type that is specialised to your frame and to over the top proportions it seems. I don’t see my progression going anywhere in the near future unfortunately becasue of this as it is designed with hardcore players in mind rather than the casual.

Also this new restriction serves to make a lot of what you do inconsequential to your progress as thumping that resource in particular is more rare. I think it is going to serve as a way of specialising the thumping groups that are made more and in a way serving as a limiter to the frames that chose to go with you or that you chose to group with. Before any rare resource was sought after by everyone, it was useful regardless of your frame. Now most will be looking for their own particular resource. I have been in groups quite often thumping for materials that I can’t use and have no intention of using which makes such content pointless to me. It is going to make many more self-interested in the things we do.

On a plus to this though they have really improved the ui visuals for the resource nodes you find. Now they are very well presented, much easier to read and you can even see the resource points your other group members have found so you can make better comparisons.
Firefall resource ui

The have also screwed up the Jet packs. I loooved them before as they provided so much more movement to combat and where a lot of fun to utilise in order to take advantage of the enemy, and generally just made exploring the environment more enjoyable  It feels like they lack that oomph now, they don’t take off as quickly. don’t go as high, run out quicker, and take longer to recharge. It’s aweful as in a way the the jet packs were one of the big draws for Firefall and a part I enjoyed immensely.

I don’t like my main gun either. The green flashy spam that it leaves all over the screen only serves to obscure what I’m shooting at to the point I can’t hit thing because it is just that distracting. Skills are still ok but are pretty much what they were before, the elite skill seems ok but is a bit buggy with how it activates.

Oh god, and the crafting. I think that’s best summed up by many of the comments in a simple reddit post entitled “well fuck this crafting shit“, huge costs, buggy, and very unintuitive design. Apparently though it was unfinished when it was implemented with the patch as other areas of the game required it to work. Hopefully it will get better, be easier to use and be more rewarding as it is one part of the game i like.

One thing they have greatly improved is the PvE content. A lot of the events have been redesigned and are now a lot more challenging and more fun. Many new enemy types as well including bugs and chosen that will take a bit of getting used to. The bugs even seem to be more varying now when your thumping which is nice.

Firefall thumping

I think I’m going to give it a break now for a month just to see how it develops a little and read up about these new menus and mechanics a little in an attempt to understand them.


2 thoughts on “Falling Interest in Firefall

  1. the game looks like it has potential to go further, but i think for what it is its not such a bad game, but i definitely like the overall art direction of the game.

    • I think it has a lot of potential as well and hope they realise it. The combat is fun, the classes are varied, the open world vibe is excellent, and the crafting system is a nice touch. I did think it had more potential before the patch though unfortunately in terms of the progression and upgrade system but I’ll wait and see how it progresses for now.

      The art style is indeed rather good, i love many of the bright colourful visuals. Took heaps of pics and put them on flickr if your interested.

      FirefallClient 2013-02-17 14-36-34-72

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