Passion of the people

I mentioned this on Twitter before but there is an interesting little piece of drama once again going on over at the gw2 forums regarding WvW. This is not the first time wvw has caused immense amounts of drama and I doubt it will be the last, what makes it interesting though is the very public nature of it this time. A game based version of days of our lives playing for everyone to amuse themselves with.

The guild I’m with is no stranger to drama and even though I know from that how much emotional stress it causes people, and how each sides have their own truths I have to admit to chuckling a little over this, how could you not. And then when you think it’s all winding up a twist in the tale pops up. The guild has nothing on the dramas that happen with regularity in the PvP community.

I don’t know whether pvp draws such large and conflicting personalities in or whether somehow it breeds them over time, I know I’ve become a bit more outspoken as my murderous feelings have blossomed although there was always a sense of bloodlust during combat so maybe its a bit of both. It is a very vocal group as well, and one that has rather strong personal opinions they like to share. But the drama is more then just over-inflated egos, it shows just how strongly these people become immersed in their games, guilds, and community.

I would honestly compare the hardcore pvp community to that of immersed role players, while Rp’ers immerse themselves completely in the lore and world pvp’ers live and breathe the people and big players involved. They share that unbridled passion towards their medium that they enjoy being a part of and like all passions we yearn for more, in this case it’s more information and more conflict. We scrape up every last bit of info we can on those around us, the people we fight with and against and hunger for information, it’s kind of why these big scoops of information get leaked so easily and is often so public.

Unlike rp though pvp fosters some very intense emotions while playing and even after, good and bad. These emotions are apart of it, they feed the enjoyment of the experience and the passion fuels these further. I see this passion on the forums regularly in whatever pvp orientated game or mode, the Camelot Unchained kickstarter is a good example for it too. This passion though makes us feel more invested in the games we’re playing giving them longer staying power than the mmo tourists. I would even say the pvp community is more committed to the game then any other player type, who else would log in near every day over and over again to play the same thing with the same people, sometimes for many many hours straight over a period of weeks to months. It is this that has the potential to create much more longer lasting communities.

It is this passion why I will always defend the dream and hope of giving a aaa quality pvp focused game an an actual chance. With a playerbase this dedicated and immersed in their game world, its people, and the community how could it not become something with long-term survivability. Even with a subscription model it would be viable, probably even more so. It is a product people want to see, look around in the comments section about Camelot unchained and there is an abundance of people that would buy the product just not support an idea. The pvp forum threads in games are the same as well.

I know it’s hard these days to think about investing in a long-term mmo project, most that are getting produced are the short-term cash grab types but it has to be viable doesn’t it. We’ve seen an abundance of wow clones, and now lol clones, so why not an avatar based eve clone..Many people are only turned off it by the lack of personal connection and utter indifference to a spaceship, and after all it seems it is the only mmo in recent times that has actually grown over the long-term.

*note* it’s funny how you intend to write one thing and it turns into something entirely different.


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