Newbie Blogger Initiative Info and Guides

EDIT – Great forum for all newbie bloggers. The new Newbie Blogger Initiative


Ok, so it turns out that the Newbie blogger forums are no more unfortunately and coming into the one year anniversary of the event it seems a shame. Syp at Bio Break began it all but the forums were a hive of networking that helped a lot of great blogs get started,  a decent amount which are still active . Shadowspawned over at world’s end Tavern posted a list of all the blogs that started and their current status, ocho has a wrap-up of his favourites, and I’m guessing there will be a few more over the week.

What upset me a little about the nbi forum shutting was that there was a wealth of great guide to blogging posts. Luckily for me, back when I was going through that information it was badly organised so I felt the need to categorise it for my own use… Yes, I’m cukoo crazy about organisation. I’m messy as hell but everything has its proper place to be packed away.

Anyway here’s the list.. Oh and feel free to take this list for a better resource page if it every pops up.

Introducing yourself to the world

Tish Tosh Tesh: Who Am I?

Jaded Alt: What’s in a name?

Inventory Full:Take a moment

Levelcapped: Tell me about yourself, None of my business

Contains Moderate Peril: Episode 58

Too Many Annas: Picking a name

ALT:ernative: Starting at the beginning

MMOGC: 3 little things

KIASA: Good advice


MMO GYPSY: Different Ways to Contribute

StarShadow: Some blogging advice

In An Age: Advice for new bloggers

Tish Tosh Tesh: For love or money

Tastes Like Battle Chicken: A few words of wisdom

‘Beau Hindman: General advice

Games and Geekery: Why you should blog, Learning about blogging from perfect strangers

Skycandy: Blogging wrong, blogging right

Shards of Imagination: Choosing the subject of your blog

Contains Moderate Peril: Some general guidance, Stats

Contains Moderate Peril: Stats

High Latency Life: Finding your voice, You need a thick skin

Nerdy Bookahs: Why do you want to blog?, Why haven’t you started your blog yet?

World’s End Tavern: General tips

Parallel Context: The best advice

Jaded Alt: So you wanna be a blogger?If you remember nothing else… write!

Avatars of Steel: Curling up with a good blog

Blog de la Burro: Why I started blogging, Some advice on blogging, Does traffic matter?, How to deal with writer’s block, What you should blog about, Are comments important?

Inventory Full: Take a moment

Gamerlady: Tips to start

T.R. Red Skies: Quick tips, Objectivity, relating and heart

Thade’s Hammer: Advice for the new bloggers

Psychochild: What makes your blog special

Grimnir’s Grudge: It feels good to be a blogger

Gankalicious: Never tell the truth, Who the hell reads this?

Distilled Willpower: 8 blogging tips they won’t tell you

Vicarious Experience: From there to here

Blue Kae: Advice is a strong word

Screaming Monkeys: Top five tips

Caer Morrighan: Get started with WoW blogging

Hawt Pants: New blogger advice

Tiger Ears: Why I started blogging

Berath’s Brain Burps: Sage words,

Just One More Unlock: Newbie blogger tips, Opportunity

Scary Worlds – Advice you don’t won’t to hear

Hunter’s Insight:What not to do

ALT:ernative: The first idea

A Journey through the Mind: My 0.2 ISK

Epic Slant: Writer’s block

Creeping…: So you think you can blog

The Stories of O: Top 4 tips

The Wild Boar Inn: Blogging tips

Gamer BC: A solid foundation and a step forward

Casual Is As Casual Does: Tips, tricks and who am I kidding

Pumping Irony: Before taking the plunge

Sheep the Diamond: Advice from an old bull

Better Posting

Tish Tosh Tesh: Thinking linking, Traditions

Tales of the Aggronaut: Be open-minded (unlike me)

Wadstomp Gaming: Create your own voice

Lotro Fashion: Screenshots make your blog interesting

Contains Moderate Peril:  Mind your language

Tremayne’s Law: Read Think Write Edit

Blog de la Burro: Is it ever okay to rant?

A Casual Stroll to Mordor: Writing for the web

A Green Mushroom: Blogging tips and hints

TL-DR:Tags and Categories

Red Cow Rise: What and why to post

Welcome to Spinksville: What you should write and how to write it

A Ding World: Blog posting

Professor Beej: Stop writing!

Life is a Mind-Bending Puzzle: Wrapping up advice all in one place


Tish Tosh Tesh: Blogging is a social activity

Wadstomp Gaming: The importance of social media

Beau Hindman: Indie games and bloggers

World of Matticus: Making connections

Blog de la Burro: How to get noticed

I Have Touched the Sky: Avoid barriers to commenting on Blogger, Blogs lists and RSS

Gankalicious:Meeting interesting people

Epic Slant: Tips and links, Guest post

Red Cow Rise: Blog setup and community building

The Ancient Gaming Noob: Playing blogroll breadcrumbs

Rikna’s Rants: The blog rings, By this keyboard I rule!, Guests and cross posts


StarShadow: Themes and widgets, Screenshots, Menus, categories and tags

World of Matticus: WordPress plugins, Finishing your blog setup

Live Like a Nerd: WordPress plugins for bloggers

Self Hosting

Stropp’s World: The pros and cons of self-hosting

Tales of the Aggronaut: Getting started

Techincal Bitsies

Tales of the Aggronaut: The Google Reader blogroll

Inventory Full: Backing up your blog

Spinksville: Picture manipulation tools and copyright

A Casual Stroll to Mordor: Learn how to podcast

Herding Cats: Creating a podcast on the cheap with WordPress

TL-DR: Protect your blog!

Roll One Hundred: Managing screenshots

Making it big

Stropp’s World: Being a blogger superstar

Wadstomp Gaming: The best advertising payouts

Contains Moderate Peril: Fine-turning your blog

Berath’s Brain Burps: How to get lots and lots of hits

Dragonchasers: How not to build an audience

Recentish Posts

The Delver: A retrospective for 2013’s Class

Healing the Masses: Newbie Blogger Words of Wisdom

Geek Force Network: One Tip all Bloggers should know (networking)

World Of Matticus: Behind the Blogging Scenes Interview

Keen And Graev’s Gaiming Blog: Had a number of ones, here’s the tag to see them all

19 thoughts on “Newbie Blogger Initiative Info and Guides

  1. Oh, how great to see the collection here. 🙂

    Just yesterday, I got an email with a pingback request from an entry that was posted about a year ago. So when yours came in, I thought it’s also from last year or so. Nice to see somebody linking to all the posts again. It was a great initiative!

    • Thanks. Just didn’t want these posts to get lost as there was some great information for new bloggers in it. Hopefully it keeps going and people will still use it.

  2. It is nice to see everyone is still interested in NBI. I checked with Syp about possibly doing it again but he was too busy this year. I like that you have the articles listed. A great resource for anyone interested. I will add a link back on my post.

    • Awwww that’s a shame. I thought it was an amazing thing it pretty much started me in reading blogs, and then eventually starting my own. I love to see it continue as it really demystified the whole blogging thing for many and made it easier with all the networking and such.

  3. Thank you kindly for your mention! And I like the way you’ve organised us all :). I’m having a think, seems a shame not to carry on some kind of list/place for new people/catch up with each other every year, I don’t know, something. Hub? Annual Virtual Party? What do you think? (I favour the last)(of course).

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  5. You could always start it up again! See what people have learned over the past year for blogging (those that stuck it out, at least).

    • If people compared me to Syp I assure you I’d come off the worse hahaha – no, but I’ve but a post up and will collate and link to any thing anyone of us writes about it, or any extra advice – huggies !!!

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  7. Pingback: New Blogger Initiative a Year Later – Who Survived? | The Ancient Gaming Noob
    • thanks for the work, it’s an awesome new badge.

      ooh, and now that your here why not trying writing your own little advice/story piece for future bloggers. No pressure… ok just a little pressure

      • My own advice post? I think everything I can think of has already been covered by at least one of the articles above. However, I’ll think about it. Who knows, if there will ever be a NBI 2nd edition…

  8. Pingback: I Feel Old | A High Latency Life
    • Not so much a packrat… moe that the jumbled mess it was before was driving me insane.. I have an insatiable need to organise at time.. Glad you liked it!!

      Also, no need to link to me, just copy it down for your site as it will be easier for people to access

  9. Comment is a bit late, but I just want to say thanks for mentioning my post on Geek Force Network. I’m flattered you think it’s a good enough reference source to include on this awesome list!

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