Command and Conquer and Talking Head Syndrome

The new Command and Conquer seems to be getting closer. Originally it was called Command and Conquer Generals 2 but as with most reboots these days they want to confuse people by using just the plain name. From whats in the video and the things they were talking about it definitely seems like it could be good but it’s going to be free to play and I really don’t know how I feel about that. After some terrible ftp cash shop experiences lately and the way it can corrupt the core gameplay of a game I’m not really a fan.. but we shall see.

It’s EA too, so maybe just do your superstitious dance to ward off the evil eye…I’m doing mine right now.

Also, for the record, the roots of command and conquer was TIBERIUM you fools and amazing armory and defense options not real world parallels.

Oh, and you can sign up for the Beta now it seems…could you before? or was that for that failed ftp mmoesque one.

Newbie Bloggers Words Of Wisdom

A year of blogging has come and gone for many and I can’t help but feel a little excitement regarding this, regardless of those that have departed it really was a great success in my mind. I remember the event quite fondly. Before that initial idea popped up bio break and a couple other bigger blogs and news sites were all I read. I was content with the basics and a small insular world of gaming… it was comfortable in a way. Once that event began I started exploring these new blogs, reading new thoughts and ideas, principles of gaming, and accounts from games I’d never touched or heard of. I wanted more and more and kept checking in blogrolls across sites. I delved into the world of RSS feeds soon after because the bookmarks section was a complete mess.

Get Smart

The newbie blogger event came and went and not soon after I thought, “I could do this”… “no, I want to do this”. And so Healing the masses was born and, like with most big events I missed it by that much. Oh well. Weeks went by, than months and surprisingly I was still writing and enjoying it even more than when I started as I am sure many are now as a result of the Newbie Blogger Initiative. Matticus had a wonderful suggestion in the previous newbie blogger post about maybe getting people to talk about their experiences during their first year of blogging and I think this really is a wonderful idea to keep expanding on the newbie blogger idea.
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