Newbie Bloggers Words Of Wisdom

A year of blogging has come and gone for many and I can’t help but feel a little excitement regarding this, regardless of those that have departed it really was a great success in my mind. I remember the event quite fondly. Before that initial idea popped up bio break and a couple other bigger blogs and news sites were all I read. I was content with the basics and a small insular world of gaming… it was comfortable in a way. Once that event began I started exploring these new blogs, reading new thoughts and ideas, principles of gaming, and accounts from games I’d never touched or heard of. I wanted more and more and kept checking in blogrolls across sites. I delved into the world of RSS feeds soon after because the bookmarks section was a complete mess.

Get Smart

The newbie blogger event came and went and not soon after I thought, “I could do this”… “no, I want to do this”. And so Healing the masses was born and, like with most big events I missed it by that much. Oh well. Weeks went by, than months and surprisingly I was still writing and enjoying it even more than when I started as I am sure many are now as a result of the Newbie Blogger Initiative. Matticus had a wonderful suggestion in the previous newbie blogger post about maybe getting people to talk about their experiences during their first year of blogging and I think this really is a wonderful idea to keep expanding on the newbie blogger idea.

It has been a wonderful time for me during this year; writing and being creative, talking and debating with other bloggers out there… maybe not a much as some as I’m now where near as outgoing but it’s nice anyway. I’m sure many newbie bloggers are feeling this exact way, amazed and proud regarding their achievements, for putting thoughts to electronic paper and showing the world a little piece of who they are, and excited about what the future holds. It is an endearing and rewarding hobby that we should keep promoting to those like-minded people out there waiting to blog but just needing that extra little bit of reassurance. So for those that took part see if you can scrounge up some tips, hints, stories, anything really relating to this first exciting year of writing incoherent ramblings. I’m sure everyone that took part has learned a lot from the experience over the year and there is probably many others out there thinking about starting one that could gain a lot from these tales.

A couple of things I’ve learned over the year is to really try to be myself. Yes not so enlightened and you’ve probably heard that countless times but it gets repeated for a reason. Initially you may find yourself trying to write like one of your favourite sites; same style, same content but that really is a way to lose your passion. Don’t try to be what you think your readers want, or what will make you popular just do what you like and really be happy with how your work turns out. It will take a while to find your voice, a voice your comfortable with and it will probably be a learning experience for some time. I still don’t think I’m exactly happy yet but it’s getting there I hope.

I’ve tried to be a bit more regularly with my game playing and writing instead of just doing whatever.. whenever like I was. I’m still rather prone forgetfulness and have a lack of attention but it is one thing I needed to do. That may not be you, you might have an entirely different rhythm, you might be more or less structured, or you may just give into your base urges for wandering digital worlds…whatever it is is fine. Post as you like and with as much frequency as you feel your able to.

I have also learnt that I’m still terrible at grammar..but that’s ok as well, not every opinion piece must be a grammatical masterpiece of prose and punctuation  What was more important to me at times was just getting my thoughts down and having the internal dialogue “is that good enough”, if my main message is there then usually it will be immediately published. I go back often enough to change things from time to time if I notice a mistake but I am trying more to get it right. Don’t worry and over think it too much. People read blogs often enough knowing that they are going to be a lot rawer in terms of editing than a professional site but stay for the interesting opinions, pictures, visuals, inane ramblings…whatever really that they may not get from elsewhere.

The funny thing is that even with my tenuous editing system I still have so many ideas and thoughts jotted down they may or may not become posts. Even if most of these I recognize as innane ramblings of a diluted gamer once you open that floodgate it is hard to stop. If this is the case I highly recommend getting a notebook to carrying along with you, brilliance and stupidity often strikes at the oddest times…and both are equally amusing to readers.

But the thing is, none of what I’ve just said or is yet to come may relate to anyone else starting to blog. We are all special little snowflakes, and no that’s not something that’s meant to come off all warm and fuzzy but just a statement that all blogs, their content, writing styles, networking, posting schedule and such all make an individuals blogging kind of unique to them. There is no right path, only your path. Just go with the flow and learn as you go ..(haha that rhymed)

NBI badge

I hope that may help some, and hopefully there will be a few more bits to look forward to. It really is a tradition that I would like to see continue, and regardless of having an official site or event I think I can say that most out there would be very supportive of new bloggers coming in. For traffic, referrals and advice there is a large and friendly community waiting if you need it.

I’ll see if I can comment on most of the new blogs to make them aware but would also appreciate an RT (ooooh, fancy twitter term for me..)

Oh and Thank you to Rav for our brand new badge of honour for the older, and maybe wiser Newbie Bloggers

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