Living world and meaningful change

In all my bitching about the lockboxes and cash shop I never got around to saying that I do actually like what they’ve done with this new living story update. Beforehand Southsun was a rather desolate zone devoid of life in certain respects, not many people ever visited this area, even less after the rich Orichi node was taken away and now it is bustling with people doing all manor of activities.

The resurgence in part has to do with there just being a lot of new content in this area. There are new dynamic events, mini-games, and even rather large improvements to some of the camps to feel like there has actually been some growth to the zone, it’s pretty much what I have been wanting for some time. Finally some solid updates to the world that make it feel alive and growing. I thought this is what their original aim was going to be, based on previous comments but it has mostly been forgotten.

Even during the previous living world update the zones still felt very static, maybe because the changes were too small and drawn out but overall nothing felt meaningful. None of the other zones have had anything that feels more important then bug fixing and now 9 month on we have some excellent iteration on a zone. More then all that though I think it was just nice seeing people active in a zone beyond just turning up for a lagon… This is what an mmo is supposed to be like and this is how you actively meet people.

They other part of the popularity also has to do with there being some decent motivators behind the update.

*New skins

Disregarding for a second how stupid magic find is as a mechanic they have actually provided some reasons for just about everyone to have a go at the content and feel rewarded. Personally I would have rather edited the events themselves be better rewarded but it’s a start. It’s not the greatest of updates but they seem like they are finally focusing on updating an improving the open world experience. This time it looks like a permanent change too, expanding the available content for everyone.

The open world is the key part in my GW2 experience, even though nowadays I spend the majority of my time in the mists Tyria is my home. There are downtimes in my killing and it is in these times I feel a need to reconnect with Tyria. It is an amazing world but at times it feels lacking and I just wish it to be the best experience it can be… That it should be and this update is a start.

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