Challenging Tropes and Changing Opinions

I am rather impressed at Anita Sarkeesian’s level of fortitude, the amount of vileness being targeted towards her is astounding and would have made lesser people crumble under the pressure. Yet she has stood firm through it all and as a result will be a figurehead for this generation.

I am glad there are people out there like her challenging the status quo and adding to the critical debates surrounding the subject. It is an ongoing debate that needs to happen and something which may shape game development for future generations but, at this point in time I really don’t see her videos and the discussions it creates to really bring about much change… if any. At this point in time everyone who believes in this message has already heard it and will continue to support and those that don’t will either continue to spew hatred or ignore it. .. Preaching to the choir.

Looking at previous generation you can still see a noticeable bias towards certain subjects, racism is still alive within them. This is rather similar as it is part of an ingrained cultural issue that has been a concern for decades. Time is often its enemy though , changing opinions gradually. Most of the time challenging these certain populations, like these trope videos do doesn’t help, in fact it makes these communities more insular and aggressive. It does provide us with more role models but change is tricky. What does help is just being, living your life and enabling these others to have conflicting experiences to their opinions as a result.

The people making a huge difference right now are the streamers showing just how amazing females can be at gaming they are actively challenging stereotypes. It is the youtubers and bloggers showing how passionate we can be towards gaming. It is the people you meet in a regular CoD or BF match… “fake” gamer girl or not it really doesn’t matter I’m the grand scheme of change.

More importantly though it is those in the industry actively trying to invoke change, making games with new ideas, characters, and themes. The #1reasontobe campaign is what is truly making a difference, supporting and encouraging a more diverse industry can only be a huge benefit to all involved. Just watching the GDC panel and you feel hope for the future rather then just being depressed and overwhelmed by the vast amount of sexism, homophobia, and the many other issues that plague the industry. It is creating a positive message that is far more likely to sway opinions further then something causing conflict.

I know it’s an issue for many but, really the best thing to do for most is just being. Playing alongside others. Another is to actively make yourself more visible which I have been rather guilty of, often hiding myself in many online games but I really shouldn’t. This is the reason many women are believed to be the minority, because we often make ourselves less visible. I understand why, most people would, but it is to our own detriment in the end. So to help out my mic will be on whenever it can be. I’m not an outgoing person, far from it, but from just being and playing we can make a difference too.


2 thoughts on “Challenging Tropes and Changing Opinions

  1. I agree with you. I am shocked at how far the gaming community has grown, and become more diverse. You know these trope videos bring up the past, but in the past most of the players WERE male…so the product was made for, and marketed to guess what males. To me that’s like saying the men’s product “Just for Men” is sexist to me, or Revlon is sexist because it only markets makeup to women….maybe I want to look fabulous LOL

    • I didn’t even think about that, there was far more prevelence in this tropes and constricted themes years ago and games have changed quite a bit in recent years. I still think there’s room for change but it will happen eventually.

      And you have the right to look pretty too..don’t be ashamed

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